Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anwar the clear winner in debate with Ahmad Shabery

Anwar is the clear winner in the debate. Ahmad Shabery's posture was to be the "protector" of Petronas. But Anwar made it clear he wasn't attacking Petronas and, in fact, lauded its achievements. That left Ahmad Shabery with making personal and barbed remarks about Anwar's rebellious history.
OK, I'm biased. I'm biased because Anwar raised many of the issues raised in this blog, particularly the IPPs.
But on a more objective note, tonight's debate reminds me of the Kennedy-Nixon televised debates in the sense that Anwar is outside the mainstream presently. In the M'sian context, if you're out of the mainstream you're out (not counting the blogosphere, of course).
The televised debate brought a poised, cool, intelligent, articulate and persuasive Anwar into the living rooms of all M'sians. Here was the "monster", the "Devil incarnate". But, guess what? He had no horns. He was not spewing smoke and flames.
Instead he was cool as a cucumber. He had a boyish grin. He looked charismatic. Hell! He WAS charismatic.
Given that he has the sodomy charges against him, given that he has an appointment with the police tomorrow, Anwar's poise made him the winner tonight. It's my opinion anyway.


Anonymous said...

yeah...Clearly anwar the winner!!!!

Anonymous said...

de minimis,
It is so very satisfying to read your observation of this debate.
That is exactly how I feel too except I am not able to express it the way you do.

This is the first time I see Dato Seri Anwar speaks on stage !!!!!!!
Am I impressed ………

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed that he kept his cool despite all the personal attacks. He was very focus about IPP and the quantum of the fuel hike.

I can't imagine if it was AAB or Najib vs DSAI.

That Nordin Kardi (vice chancellor of UUM?) don't even know the connection between fuel and IPP. Now we know why our tertiary education is so BAD!

DSAI keep the momentum going, start shadow cabinet tomorrow. Even without shadow cabinet, Hamid is already fighting ghost shadow lah! Hehehe!

Pak Tuo said...

Thump Up Bro,good observation!

Anonymous said...


Argument wise, I think they both suck! Its the untenable question of who cums first.

Anwar was enjoying his ride, while Shabery was frothing with anticipation. They both came out the same ... their egos unsatitated.

When the final bell rings, the rakyat still hv to live with this ridiculous fuel price despite Petronas making tons of money ...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anwar won. No doubt about that.
First time I heard him speak. Been told that he is a charismatic speaker. Now I know why.

-crash- said...

at least one debates professionally, while the other "tembak AK" je la..

de minimis said...

Peng, my brother, tonight Anwar is considered very, very low-key bec he's on tv. But if you watch him at a public rally, you'll be even more electrified!

But, charisma aside, Anwar really did score by taking the high-ground even tho' Shabery was getting personal. And, he stuck to the issue of fuel price hike and the economy.

Anonymous said...

The topic itself was not doing any justice to Shabery, I mean how could he defend a policy that sparked public anger and hatred, and at the same time put many people in dire straits.
Many of Dollah cabinet ministers are desperate asskissing morons,
and Shabery is no exception.
Bravo to Anwar, the Mat King Leather.

Pat said...

Yes, I agree with your summation of the debate. DSAI conducted himself very well, and showed Shabery up by refusing to address his personal barbs. In my book, he was the winner.

But, if you listened to Astro's 501 and 502, he was not. How can they have an 'analysis' of the issue when they only invite people who only suck up to the government?

DSAI was reviled on the morning news, too. But we know what we saw, and what we heard.

I wondered why this debate was 'allowed'. Now I know. But I think their aim misfired: instead of being falling flat, Anwar came out shining.

Anonymous said...

Ignoring the looming issues surrounding, Anwar did a fantastic job. No personal attacks, no cheap shots, no provocation; it definitely a matured and master performance.

Anonymous said...

The other winners are the RAKYATs. We should urge the govt to air more of this type of programme. Debating about policy and issue instead of throwing SD at each other!

Anonymous said...

I need a second column to comment on the so called vice chancellor. Could anyone who have expected this amount stupidity from a vice chancellor. What a disgrace.
I will never send my children to this U if he is the VC. I understand why we have uncompetitive graduates around in Malaysia.
Malaysia will have to reverse the their motto " Malaysia Tak Boleh " should we continue to have a VC of this caliber.

Total Embarrassment

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:15,
Some Rakyats supporting for change are thinking twice and looking towards Dr M's administration for stability.

If it is status quo, people like this VC will still be around.

If BN wants to keep such VC around and then alternative is CHANGE!

BaitiBadarudin said...

Since you mentioned the Kennedy-Nixon televised debates, there are some pointers which you mentioned that the BN could have picked up, namely to stick to the points, remain poise and calm in the face of personal attackc.
DSAI may be 60 (or close), but he still managed to exude a boyish grin which made most audience root for him as the underdog.

Anonymous said...

Anwar is definitely the winner. Who is this vice-chancellor. His students should be ashamed of him. Exactly what was he asking? Stupid chancellor. Now I know why we have failed as a nation. And the stupids at BN keep this dumb chancellor as their advisor. What a pity? No wonder we produce students who can't think as well as BN MP's who speak nonsense. Really stupid dumb chancellor! And he is a VC? I wonder what class of professors we are producing if their boss itself is so dumb and stupid?

Anonymous said...

no doubt DSAI was the clear winner yest. Ahmad was attacking DSAI personally without touching the issue which he deviated the whole while...

just for your info... as it is... PETRONAS has paid the government whatever that is necessary...more than 65percent...it is the bloody government who swallowed all the money given back to the rakyt..

by the way.. dear author... whatever that is remained the 35percent is being used to reinvest... drilling rigs to search for oil which could takes up to 4-5months are costing nearly million perday... its just the same case.. if you are a father.. wouldnt you use some of your savings to invest instead of giving everything to your child just because he demands everything... therefore, its not the case of protecting petronas or not.. petronas should be left out of this context all this while... its the government who took all the money given to them and never return back to rakyat...

Anonymous said...

It was obvious that Shabery was going for cheap publicity with all his cheap personal attacks on Anwar.
Shabery did not answer any of the questions asked to him. He simply said the same rubbish again and again. Clearly shows the cheap mentality of our BN ministers. You see one...you have seen them all.

Anwar was clearly the true winner last night.

de minimis said...

Dear Anon 7:01, like you, most of us are fully aware that the issue is NOT Petronas per se. The issue is the federal govt's application of the RM202 billion paid by Petronas betw 2004 and 2008. You have made a good reminder to us all on this issue, though. Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

Points for Shabery for his ability to open his mouth and utter words without pauses (albeit unintelligibly).

No points for frothing at the corner of his mouth.

Maximum point deductions for licking his frothing saliva....ewwwwww gross!!!! I was having dinner at that time, Shabery you horse shit!!

Obi Wan Kentucky

Anonymous said...

Hahaha , i thought Shaberry was having an epileptic fit with the frothing at the mouth there , too much heaty arguments going into the cerebrum . i heard the stage people were preparing suppository lest he went into a fit proper . Hik Hik , that saliva licking was a maestro move though

Anonymous said...

no2anwar, stop being biased.I know you are one of those BN suckers. please give credit where it is supposed to. In this debate,it is clearly Anwars. Dont take away the credit from him.Shabery lacks everything to be an orater.He really SUCKS. I pity the PM to have such a minister in his cabinet.Or maybe the whole of his cabinet(including him)really SUCKS!!And I fully agree with Ben regarding the VC. I think this VC also belong to the same class as the Malaysian cabinet.What a shame!!Well, like Ben said,the alternative is CHANGE. And the sooner the better, for the sake of our beloved Malaysia.....

CHIA, Chin Yau said...

Anwar impressed me, giving the confidence that his proposal is workable.

To me, the minister is taking this opportunity to humiliate Anwar, the topic is just an inducer to get Anwar hooked.

And for the "VC" is someone who cannot seems to relate petrol/Fuel/bahan api/gas (gas is not petroleum, I heard him said).

Sorry for those in his U, afraid that I will not even consider any job applicant graduated from his U!