Thursday, July 10, 2008

PM to declare no contest for UMNO top 2 and etc.

Words and phrases association game based on headlines today...

Pak Lah to quit in June 2010 ... why take so long, one?

PM to declare no contest for UMNO top 2 ... where got democracy like that?

Pakatan plans no confidence move ... why-ah? Yong got jammed oreddy issit?

Meet my father, urges Anwar's daughter ... better to say "Meet my mother", then Ozzie PM can. Mother is Opposition Leader, father can wait behind curtains-lor!

Cracking the whip at UMNO ... why Singapore newspaper like S&M language? Mebbe becos got SM Lee issit?

Kinabatangan MP: Yes, I did it but... this guy show bad sign in Parlimen, how can?

Yen Yen backs castration for repeat rapists... Mebbe good punishment for Kinabatangan?

Advance apologies for offending anyone's sensitivities. The above entries are from my alter ego Balakong Joe who does not know the meaning of decorum. Normal programming will resume in due course.


Anonymous said...

Hehehe! Some humour will lighten up the suspense in the current murky state.

I am pretty sure our blogger from the south aka LIM PEH KA LI KONG will enlist you in his top blog list! :-)

de minimis said...

This is what happens when we get an overdose of politicking!

Anonymous said...

My good friend Lim Peh Ka Li Kong's latest on "I Agree with MM" sounds like this ...
I mean, M&M damn shiok lah – so old oreddy, but what’s his everyday like?

Wake up, maybe go jogging or sheeming, have breakfast, read papers, go office and check stocks, maybe later tekan Boy-Boy or some Ministers or journalists, then go for set lunch at some atas club, afturds go back office and maybe sue someone, then got tea break, then do a bit more work like check whether the media are guai-guai, or maybe kaypoh and tell other Gahmens what they should do, then later go club play golf, then have dinner at some spiak restaurant, maybe after that go launge for KTV, or maybe relac at home and watch some DVDs of Malaysian politicians before kooning… quite song, what!

Read more

Lim Peh got a bit anglee wit me for getting to angelos wit malaisian politiking and fourgot to visit him leh! Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Let's see if the required number of "hoppers" from BN happens in Sept. Doubt they have the balls nor brains to jump!