Friday, November 23, 2018

Carlos Ghosn

The news of the arrest of Carlos Ghosn by Japanese prosecutors for having allegedly understated his income between 2010 and some years after is a stark reminder that much as we speak of progress as Humankind with leaps and bounds of technology etc etc we actually haven't changed much from our basic nature as one of the species of animals that inhabit the Earth.

The old male lion in a pride that gets ousted by a challenger. The old male wolf in a pack that gets ousted by a challenger. The list goes on and on. The old rooster; the old gorilla...

It is in the nature of things that nothing is permanent.

Ghosn led a moribund Renault brand to incredible success. Then, he led the moribund Nissan brand to uproarious success.

Success breeds its own festering pool of nasty negativity and jealousy.

The wise leader keeps his ego in check so that he will know when to leave. 

If the leader forgets and lets his ego take over, challengers will plot and subvert the leader. 

David Attenborough should do a documentary that reminds us on how animalistic corporate behaviour is.

The Ghosn saga, where the flimsiest of prosecutorial charges that brings down an ageing, successful leader by cowardly hidden daggers, makes politicians look like honest dealers!

At least politicians are unable to deny that theirs is a dirty, cesspool where scumbags try to drown each other; a bizarre and twisted dishonest, unavoidable transparency.

The denial mindset of the corporate sector creates the pretense of bespoke suits, silk ties, luxury marques, shiny offices of steel and glass and ambitious industriousness tempered by good corporate governance. Behind the facade is the ugly truth of animal behaviour.

A backstabbing dagger is always wielded by a coward. 

And, one more thing; the Ghosn saga reminds us to never overstay our welcome.