Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The trial that broke the judiciary's back

Tommy Thomas has given us a timely reminder in his piece The trial that broke the judiciary's back at Malaysiakini http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/86885. He is referring, of course, to Anwar's trial in 1998 which still dogs the credibility of Malaysia's law enforcement and prosecution agencies.
The key principle of an independent Judiciary is still in question. De facto Minister in charge of legal affairs, Zaid Ibrahim is having a torrid time with his Cabinet colleagues who prefer to cling to the old ways. This is where Tommy Thomas voices the concern of all Malaysians. Just how sincere is the federal government in wanting to institute judicial reforms or, any reforms for that matter?
In the context of law enforcement and prosecution, the ACA is still investigating Anwar's complaint against the IGP and the A-G. For so long as the ACA is investigating them, both the IGP and A-G has no business getting involved in Saiful's complaint against Anwar. Bearing in mind the aphorism that justice must not only be done but, seen to be done, both the Police and A-G's Chambers must be more transparent in the handling of the investigations surrounding both Anwar's ACA complaint and Saiful's police report.
In any case, all stakeholders must pay heed to Tommy's caution. How these issues are handled or, seen to be handled will reflect on the confidence of Malaysians and, foreign investors, in the integrity of the Judiciary, prosecution and law enforcement in Malaysia.

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