Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How I will cast my vote - PAGE + PPSMI

The issue of reverting the medium of instruction of the Science and Mathematics subjects in Malaysian schools from the English language to Bahasa Malaysia still burns in the depths of my soul.

After I read this report in the Malaysian Insider, I have resolved to cast my vote in favour of the political party that supports the maintenance of English as the medium of instruction for Science and Mathematics.

All the bullshit politics make no sense to me.

But, the issue of educating Malaysians to the greatest advantage possible and, to equip young Malaysians to compete at the global level makes eminent sense to me.

I have seen how my children benefited from PPSMI since it was implemented in 2003.

Two of my children are still in school at Form Two and Form 4.

I don't care what any politician, political party, NGO or any publicity-seeking hound says anymore.

I support PAGE's stand.

The Malaysian Government should stick to the maintenance of English as the medium of instruction for Science and Mathematics.

Stay the course.

And, I will support the political party that supports the maintenance of English as the medium of instruction for Science and Mathematics.

It will be that simple to get my vote.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Just over half or 56% of total employment comes from this sector where 19% to the nation's total exports stem from. 

The segment also represents 99% of total business establishments and is a substantial contributor to the country's gross domestic product at 31%.

Sourced from here.

Given the stats above, why do my SME friends still feel orphaned and unappreciated and are finding difficulty with obtaining funding support?

More action, less words, please.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time for IPPs to help the rakyat

Kudos are due to Business Times for this op-ed piece. This blog has hammered the IPPs for the lop-sided Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). The BT's op-ed reminder is timely. I implore the government to pay heed to this perspective that come the time to renegotiate the PPAs, the government must support Tenaga Nasional's position and pay heed to the massive burden that the Malaysian consumer has to endure with this example of dodgy privatisation model.

Here's the BT op-ed piece:

Sweetheart deals that the first-generation independent power producers (IPPs) secured in the early 1990s will expire in stages from end-2014 or 2015.

It is often highlighted that these IPPs have collected billions of ringgit from lopsided power purchase agreements (PPAs) that put them in very minimal or an almost zero-risk environment.

The IPPs are YTL Power Generation Sdn Bhd, Genting Sanyen Power Sdn Bhd, Segari Energy Ventures Sdn Bhd, Powertek Bhd and Port Dickson Power Sdn Bhd. They are controlled by some of the country's richest families and individuals.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Constitution of the State of Selangor

I have attached above the url link to the Constitution of the State of Selangor.

pix from here.

This time is a good opportunity to understand the importance of constitutions.

There are many explicit provisions and procedures in constitutions.

At the same time, there are many practices or conventions that have been taken for granted or overlooked.
pix from here.

This is as good a time as any to flick the dust of the Constitution of the State of Selangor and look at it with an objective and unbiased mind.

Nor should politics and partisanship dilute the executive powers vested in the Menteri Besar of Selangor.

What is the proper procedure for the appointment of the State Secretary of Selangor?

Who initiates the process of appointment of the State Secretary of Selangor?

Does the Menteri Besar of Selangor have any constitutional role to play in the appointment of the State Secretary of Selangor?

In these inquiries, let the Rule of Law be our guiding principle.

And, let not politics and partisanship affect the dignity and standing of DYMM Sultan Selangor.

Allah lanjutkan usia Tuanku.
-extracted from the State Anthem of Selangor-