Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Can Penang get any of the RM8.3 billion?

I really don't care that I sound completely pedestrian about what I'm going to say. When I read that Petronas posts record profit, declares RM6b dividend to govt and, Govt to get RM2.3b from profit levy on palm oil I can't help posing the question, "How is the RM8.3 billion going to be utilised?"
This is the era of transparency and accountability. Can MOF2, Nor Yakcop please explain the straighthrough usage and application of this RM8.3 billion?
ALL M'sians know that the RM8.3 billion isn't all going to fuel subsidies. ALL M'sians know that the RM8.3 billion isn't going to Penang for the projects mentioned in my blog entry, Guan Eng wants RM4.7 billion cash.
Meanwhile, at the Parliament, Guan Eng is trying to file his motion ON BEHALF OF PENANGITES, to secure the precious RM4.7 billion back for Penang. See the report at The Edge Daily, Guan Eng to file motion on reinstatement of projects.
Where is the fairness on the part of the BN federal government?


-crash- said...

it doesn't matter anymore. let's see what happened tomorrow. if they arrest dsai! everything went down to water. pakatan will be back to be the weak opposition.

by the way, i got to tapik you for this! being almost always the first to comment in malaysia-today. haha.

de minimis said...

hi crash. thanx for the "tabik". it's bloody hard work on m-today. but i feel strongly that my blog message shld get out to as many people as possible. i think RPK is going to ban me soon!

but don't lose heart. whatever happens to dsai will be a challenge to other PR leaders. if they let us down by not staying united, then we have to keep urging them to stay united.

Anonymous said...

Depends on whether the decision to give Penang the money is a sensible one or one which is politically correct. Penang needs a tram system, btw.