Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sabah and Sarawak MPs to join up in two weeks, claims Anwar

Despite the torrid time that Anwar has been facing vis-a-vis the police and, his overnight detention in the KL Police HQ; despite the awful disclosure made by Sivarasa Rasiah about the outrageous CCTV tape made by the police as reported in MALAYSIAKINI and Malaysian Insider; Anwar continued his hustings to continue to drum up support from the Malaysian public.
Last night, in the town of Banting, Selangor, Anwar Ibrahim declared that he would announce in a week or two his plan to run for Parliament. By that time, he said, he would also have some Barisan Nasional MPs from Sabah and Sarawak to join him — to make good his prediction to form the federal government by Malaysia Day on 16th September 2008. Read here.
Anwar was quoted as telling the multiracial crowd that, "Umno leaders are saying they are trying to protect the Malays because now they are at their weakest. But let me tell you this that it is too late for them. I am Malay but a responsible and cultured one. I will never stop from helping the Malays to progress".

"I am a Muslim therefore I am responsible to uphold justice for all Malaysians," he said to shouts of "reformasi".

On the latest sodomy allegation against him, Anwar said, "They can put me in jail, stripped me but they cannot stop my programme to benefit the people. I do not wish to be the Prime Minister to enrich myself. I will be damned if I do that".
He also said, "I will fight, as I know there is no evidence, this is just a wild accusation, and I have enough witnesses. I have fought with dragons and these people are just lizards, and the people will reject this latest allegation".


Unknown said...

hope it's true.

hope they really have gotten back their conscience.

we really have to pack our current pM & DPM to Holland.

Anonymous said...

hope it is true Dato Seri Anwar. However I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

God willing, everything is possible. Malaysians can't wait to have a clean & responsible government. No more corrupt leaders please!

Anonymous said...

As of now, everything points against the Government.

How LOW and despicable can they get? No mention about medical report being a 'Fake' which means it is authentic.

Let's give Anwar the suppport to make Malaysia 'A Better Tomorrow'.