Wednesday, July 2, 2008

MALAYSIAKINI: Malaysia Today website hacked

Really, do the BN leaders that sanctioned the cybertroopers that hacked into Pete's site, actually think that they will create any mood change in favour of BN? Read the report in MALAYSIAKINI.
It is childish, infantile and completely shambolic. If anything, such a prank only serves to aggravate whatever iota of goodwill that the blogosphere has with the BN empire.
Trumped-up charges against dissentient leaders and cyberhacking and refusal to allocate funds for economic development of non-BN states. That seems to be the menu for when the BN "Empire Strikes Back". Sorry, not impressed.
As for first-class ranting and raving on recent events, I invite you to visit good 'ol Patrick Teoh at NIAMAH! Trust me, this time around he's even more angry than ever before. It was good therapy for my frustration about Pete's site, anyway.
P.S. Anil Netto has a journalistic take on this at Malaysia Today, Aliran websites attacked.


Anonymous said...

You can access it via anonymous proxy. Try from

Type the Malaysia today url in a text box, it will take some time(2-3mins)

de minimis said...

thanks for the tip.