Monday, July 7, 2008

Dayak leadership stands up for NCR

Finally! Is James Masing of Parti Rakyat Sarawak finally acquiring a spine on the urgent matter of NCR land? The latest report by Tony Thien in MALAYSIAKINI shows a still tentative and hesitant James Masing saying, "We like the government to consider (a review of the policy on NCR land) because our party is rural-based so land will be an issue."
Malaysiakini further reports what Tony learnt that Dayak members have spoken of their growing concern about threats to the future status of NCR lands, especially with the opening up of more lands for commercial oil palm plantations and, tree planting and harvesting schemes throughout Sarawak. There has been increasing conflicts between oil palm and timber companies and NCR land-owners comprising mostly Dayaks such as Iban, Orang Ulu and Bidayuh communities. There are now nearly 200 litigation cases by NCR land-owners pertaining to lands claims and damages to crops.
I have written about NCR land issues on several occasions. The issues facing the Dayaks are serious and the race is now on between BN and Pakatan to woo the Dayak voters in the Sarawak State elections that is looming within the next 24 months.
The question in the minds of most analysts is whether CM Taib will keep James Masing and PRS on a tight leash on the issue of NCR land. If Masing and PRS cannot articulate a clear policy on NCR land to the satisfaction of the Dayak electorate, then BN Sarawak may stand to lose many seats. Pakatan will, no doubt, be assembling a coherent NCR land policy package.


Anonymous said...

There is no way the BN govt in Swak will listen to the cries of the ppl. Ministers like James Masing can only bleat pitifully but they lack the courage and conviction and are powerless to push it through. The Big Boss in Swak will not listen to him and his other cronies.

We in PKR are certainly in the midst of assembling a comprehensive Policy on Land Reform in Swak! If the PKR were to become the next govt of Swak, we shall ensure that LAND AND ALL HOMES WILL BE RETURNED TO SARAWAKIANS.

For the NCR lands, there should be a survey and settlement done to ascertain the genuine owners, and land titles should thereafter be issued to them. This will ensure that the real owners will never be dispossessed of thier traditional lands, and never be held to ransom again by any future govts!
In the urban areas, houses with 60 yrs leases should be converted to 999 or titles in perpetuity. This will ensure that Swak home owners will never lose their houses without proper compensation!

Its a great shame that the a govt elected by its own people is now the greatest robber of lands and homes of Swakians. It's a classic case of "harap pagar, pagar makan padi". In case here, that "pagar" will even eat up the land.

Its time for a change! & PKR is the only hope for Sarawakians now!

Dominique Ng

de minimis said...

Sorry! Didn't notice the comment till now. I agree that James Masing and his ilk can only give lip-service to the NCR issue. He has to look over his shoulder to see if Big Boss is ok with it or, not.

You guys at PKR are the best hope, not just for the Dayaks but, for all Sarawkians. I declare that I am rooting for Pakatan in Sarawak. This time around, I hope the Dayaks wake up to the Pakatan/PKR drumbeat.

Anonymous said...

Jem Masing-masing, don't just talk and cocking around. you are known as NATO, No Action Talk Only.

Why the hell are you so damned bloody scare and fear when its comes to NCL issues. Don't tell me you are one of the member of a cabal being created by Taik Mammoth. Or you're just another with a fake PHD. Stop your bloody nonsense. The rakayt has spoken. Its the PEOPLE'S POWER.

Mr. Dominique Ng was right. BN bloody government will listen the cries of the ppl. So, cry shall we not. We will shout at the of our voice. TO HELL WITH BN... TO HELL WITH PBB, Prty Bloody Bastard..