Monday, December 1, 2008


Malaysian politics is going to the gutter. Intra-BN politics, in particular, has sunk to such a low level of intellect that I suspect idiots with negative IQs can even understand them.

Petty point-scoring seems to be the order of the day in Malaysian politics. No thinking is required. Is that the level that Malaysian politics has sunk to?

The scariest part of it all is that these political leaders, who appeared to be in mental stasis, are formulators of government policy and legislators.

These are the people who create and approve the laws of the land.

These are the people in whose hands the fate of Malaysia rests.

These people avoid discussions on economic policies and economic management. It is too difficult. Thinking hurts. It hurts more when the neurons try to fire up in a vacuous mind. There is no medium to conduct the electrons.

I have begun to fear for Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

I know where you're coming from, de minmis. I was there too. It's called asymmetric warfare. A hits at x, B retaliates at y. The result is toxicity in society.

We have been through all this for years. A quarter of a century, in fact. It seems if the gene from one parent is recessive, the gene from the other parent can be excessively dominant. The source of it all is apparent, isn't it?

It starts with fear which then seeps into the psyche and the mind gets locked into a defensive posture seeing threats and shadows on every matter at every corner when there is none, closing the mind when it should open, clenching the fist when it should palm out, looking to score bunny points when the world has moved on.

People in such straits grasp for the first icon that comes to them whose only action is to feed and reinforce their fears. Not being able to see beyond their silo, they turn to the easiest crutch on earth, tribalism. Finding strength in numbers, they lose wide-angled sight of what is right and progressive, choosing instead the easy road of looking at everything through monochromatic lenses.

Lost is all memory of the friend who has helped them, the boss who has fed them, the doctor who has cured them, the neighbor who has protected them, even the teacher who has taught them.

If after fifty years of race-based politics, we can only get today feeble-minded tit-for-tat's between fellowmen, Malaysia has certainly become the last place to shape true brotherhood. That says as much what that half a century of race-based politics has achieved.

Maybe the most fitting place for it is the junkyard of history.

SFGEMS said...

That was brilliantly short and sharp! :)