Thursday, February 12, 2009

Majority of Perak Voters Prefer Elections

This is a snapshot of the Merdeka Centre's survey and analysis of the voter sentiment in Perak in the aftermath the the very tumultous events involving the change of the Perak State Government:

BANGI – Following the collapse of the Pakatan Rakyat government in Perak, survey reveals that 74% of Perak voters feel that the state assembly should be dissolved to pave way for elections.

The survey also found that 76% of voters felt that “the people, through elections” should decide on forming government.

A further 62% of respondents felt that the role of the palace in this case “does not reflect the will of the people of Perak”.


Anonymous said...

Random Sampling .. 500 samples ..
4.5% error with potentially leading questions (questions not disclosed)..

238 Malay, 211 Chinese and 60 Indian were involved in this survey (47,41,12%) vs the ethnic composition of 54,31,13%.

Age strata was not considered as well.

Perak population is about 2 million. 500 respondant for 59 constituency translates to less than 10 sample per DUN on equal distribution.

IMO, the sampling is flawed and not sufficient, far away from being representative. Error margin is higher than their estimates. The result may be biased since questions asked was not disclosed. What language did they use to ask those questions anyway ?

I am not a BN lover, but I have my reservation on their so call results ..

Anonymous said...

507 outta 2 million people? Is this survey valid? Can be trusted ka? I'm a Perakian..but swear to God, I never heard of this survey before..

de minimis said...

Interesting comments and, relevant, too. Food for thought. But, click on the link to Merdeka Centre's website. Their detailed report carries all the necessary assumptions on the sampling and variances and, the questions asked.

Anonymous said...

'Go back to the people' was what Perak sultan should have done. It was damned stupid of him to have listened to the suspected-murderer Najib.