Thursday, February 26, 2009

A continuing toll on BN strategy

It looks as though the piece entitled A toll on BN strategy fell on deaf ears judging by the unfortunate decision to raise toll rates again. 

It does not matter that there are concession agreements. BN is the government and BN is expected to be dealing with public interest first and foremost. Instead, BN are now perceived as favouring rent-seeking behaviour over the public interest.

It would appear that some of the nationalisation of toll roads strategies, especially the funding model, posted in this blog under The Malaysian problem with the privatisation of public goods and An economic agenda to consider appears to have gained traction but, unfortunately, not with the government.


Unknown said...

Have we ever wonder the amount of uncollected revenue(cash tickets) in toll gates across the country?

There has been talks about those long-known loop hole in that the toll cashier(or even possibly well-organised syndicate within) will either pocket those cash collected, or post-in the register for toll/cash collected for a car or van or lorry as that of a TAXI which is about 50% off the other vehicles.

It seems the weight-bridge and the camera at each toll collection counter hardly functional in some if not most of these toll concessionaire.

As this revenue-loss issue is deemed "management or operational control issue" by most, it is hardly disclosed in these listed PLC annual reports - its non-collected revenue.

Hence, any revenue shortfall from that projected will be claimed from the Federal Government as prescribed under those concession agreement, hundreds of millions are being compensated to these PLCs annually.

Funds from the Govt = taxpayers money.

I also insist of asking for the toll receipt as i hardly use the T&Go. That's my little way to ensure my payment for toll gets recorded.

de minimis said...


I read that many companies like Toy'R Us have a certain percentage cost, say 5%, budgetted annually for pilferage of goods. in the case of toll operators, whatever is collected must match the counter i.e. every time the bar goes up and down (I hope). There's your control. I hope that's how it works.

But, as you say, if these devices do not work while vehicles are passing through then the chances of hanky panky is there.

I, myself, am a Touch N Go cardholder. So I only deal with the inorganic machine. You appear to be dealing with the "organic machine" regularly :D

walla said...

i hope someone in the cabinet will within the next twenty four hours establish formal investigation into cash collection at toll stations.

cash taken + no receipt + toll bar not working = ?

The implication is NATIONAL.

oops..talking to myself again..forgot this is Malaysia...better return to:

(rafidah, this is for you)