Thursday, February 26, 2009

BN’s Anifah blames greenhorns for losses in Tenaga, Telekom

I must say that Anifah Aman has made an interesting point about the need for experienced corporate managers to manage GLCs.

Anifah is quoted as having said:

“In recent times, the government has been keen to appoint young professionals in their 30s and early 40s who project the image of ‘financial experts’ simply because they are qualified accountants from prestigious universities.

“Most of them do not have business acumen but only degrees from renowned universities.

“GLCs should not be led just by those with academic qualifications but those with the experience and knowhow to navigate through the economic crisis."

Singling out Tenaga Nasional, he pointed out to consecutive quarterly losses of RM282.9 million and RM944 million reported last year and slammed the selection of its chief executive officer Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohamad Noh as the New Straits Times CEO of the Year for 2008.

“I cannot understand on what basis or criteria this selection was made,” he said.

He also criticised Telekom Malaysia who once monopolised the telecommunications industry but was now lagging behind its competitors Maxis and Digi.

MPs like Anifah Aman, who takes a no holds barred approach to certain peeves, makes UMNO-BN look good.

But, as with all things, what are the actions that can and, will be taken after exhortations like these are made by BN backbenchers? from here.

A stony silence usually ensues coupled with selective amnesia.


Anonymous said...

How very true this is. So it is not wrong when TDM attributed the current shambles faced by the country to the 'budak tingkat 4'. I salute Dato Anifah.

mekyam said...

congratters ct on being one of the bloggers invited by the honchos of sime darby!

as mat c pointed out some serious people are reading this blog. ;D

de minimis said...

thanks, mekyam. the food was nice :D

Anonymous said...

bravo ANIPAH, siapa lantik GLC ceo ??? SEmak semua akaun KHAZANAH NASIONAL// AZMAM MOKTHAR explain apa dah terjadi semua invesment under khazanah.JIKA ada penyelewangan dan salah guna kuasa SPRM siasat dan jangan lindungi mereka.Che KHALIB TNB macam2 problem sejak u ambil alih.U jual semua aset TNB to show akaun +ve.... Dapat BEST CEO pakat dgn New straits Times ke?semua geng disana harapan PAKLAH belah u bolih stay kat GLC..

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if it is faire to attack the current CEO or Chairman of TM.

If I'm not mistaken, the Chairman started his career in TM and climbed the ladder up to the chairmanship.

IIANM as well, the CEO is also someone with vast experience in telecommunication business and was working with TM, left TM for few MNC, telcos related and came back to TM.

IMO, TM's current CEO inherited the company during difficult times and after few bad decisions made by his successors.

My advice is for him (after various feedback from the TM ground) is to get rid of the "legacy advisors", rebuild the intrinsic value of the company by reducing outsourcing and financial manipulation and trust those on the ground working for him.

If the CEO strongly believe that his staff can do any task assigned and motivates them accordingly, they will do it for him without any problem just like before the Asian Financial Crisis. Currently his staffs feel useless due to overwhelming vendor dependence for every aspect of the TM.

Return the soul, and progress shall be.

- Ex Telekom Malaysia Staff (prior TM)