Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MCA can't turn multiracial until Umno does???

Malaysiakini carried a report that quoted Yap Pian Hon as having made the above statement (sorry! I added the question-marks for dramatic effect) (see
I want to avoid adding my voice to the cacophonic ranting and raving that typifies many blogs that deal with the current affairs of Malaysia. I just want this entry to register my view that the Malaysian Chinese Association which my late father was a proud branch chairman of (in the 1970s) has come up to a political and ideological dead-end. Finito
Yap Pian Hon is supposed to be one of the "reformers" of MCA (his current guise) in the wake of MCA's absolute debacle in GE2008. He and Dr Chua Soi Lek are amongst the marginalised ex-leaders-soon-to-be-future leaders. But a statement that the MCA cannot turn multiracial until UMNO does is ... wait for it ... #$%@!*&%$-up!!!!! (sorry! couldn't do it out loud, the kids do visit my blog ...sometimes).
It confirms my worst fears that the MCA will not and cannot reinvent itself. If the so-called "reformist" leaders cannot go beyond their myopia, if they cannot perform a post-mortem of the message sent by the voters in GE2008 then, like UMNO, the MCA is destined to go to the columbarium at the Nirvana Memorial Park in Nilai.
For good measure, let me use a marketing analogy (maybe some MCA fellows, being towkays, may understand better).
The MCA lost some very serious market share in GE2008. Their "product" of communal politics has gone past its shelf-life. Most voters (if not all) are not buying the product anymore.
When Maxis began to lose its market share to the upstart Digi, AK removed Jamaludin and put in a new CEO to re-brand and review the Maxis marketing plan. Maxis didn't wait for Digi to falter.
Unless the current bunch of Ongs (i.e. OKT, OKC and...yes! even OTK) or Yap (as in Pian Hon) or Chua (as in Soi Lek) or even (Jui Meng) doesn't GET IT, then MCA can book a place at the columbarium mentioned above.
As for waiting for UMNO, just remember the famous words of the then JFK-appointed US Ambassador to the United Nations, Adlai Stevenson, when the US U-2 planes had taken photos of Soviet ships carrying missiles into Cuba, that, in waiting for the Soviet Ambassador to reply to the damning photographic evidence, Stevenson said, "Mr Ambassador, we can wait here (for your reply) TILL HELL FREEZES OVER!"
P.S. Sorry I realise that I ended up ranting and raving. Damn! It feels good though! No wonder bloggers do it (rant & rave, I mean!).


Anonymous said...

I like your analytical "puzzles" behind all the articles you write.
Great One on MCA..

de minimis said...

Thanks for the moral support Audie61. Keep blogging!

etheorist said...

The battle is no more between the races. The battle is now between the classes.

If MCA waits for UMNO, then the other side shall take over with multiracialism.

The fuel price hike pushes another nail in the coffin, no matter how unjustified - forcing the people against the the elite.

It is just a matter of time.

bondoun said...

Ya! what about that MCA? Why can you admit that you are racist party too? Believe me, all of the racist party are soon going to be defunct.

Hey! would you allow a mixed between chinese-kadazan, chinese-indian or chinese-malay into MCA? MCA, MIC, UMNO are becoming less and less important.

UMNO should drop the "ketuanan Melayu" and tell Hishamuddin to grow up and put away his keris.

de minimis said...

Right on, boundoun. As long as UMNO & MCA (and, MIC? are they still there?) practice ethnic politics they are EXCLUSIVE as opposed to PKR which is INCLUSIVE. The time for communal politics is over bec M'sians can speak for themselves. They don't need to line up behind their racial leaders who are looking after their personal bank accounts only anyway.

Unknown said...

In practical terms Yap Pian Hon is right. But not really technically. BN was suppose to be an equal partnership between MCA-MIC-UMNO. The problem is over the years, UMNO has dominated, its UMNO-led BN now.

Its highly unlikely to go back to equal partnership given the demographic. A more accomodating UMNO even will find chaos with different interest from Sabah and Sarawak competing for special attention.

So Yap Pian Hon is right. UMNO has to lead in multiraciality or its not going to happen.

de minimis said...

Tunku, what I overlooked was what etheorist pointed out in his comments. It is that if MCA waits for UMNO to become multiracial, there is no longer any relevance or need for MCA. If they are unclear about the concept of market share i.e. the market share of multiracial voters, then they are dead as a political party. People would rather be a part of multiracila UMNO than multiracial MCA. It's a zero-sum game! In any case, multiracial PKR is ready to accept any members even now! But thanks for the input, bro.

Anonymous said...

MCA consists of types of members ie chinese and mainstream educated. It has always been the former group that outnumber the latter. In general, english speaking chinese only forms 15% of the chinese community.

To me this is the main factor that MCA is still clinging to racial line. So much that english educated leader like Liong Sik, Ah Lek, Soi Lek, Jui Meng have also been sucked in because it's tried and tested.

In a nutshell, chinese schools are the conveyor belt/fuel which keeps MCA going. That also explains why they are supporting 110% to revert teaching of Maths & Science to Bahasa (for them, they don't have to learn 2 additional subjects)

UMNO/MCA/MIC will only be open to multiracial party if the racial polarisation is fixed. One of the root causes of racial polarisation is our education system. For this to work, there should only be one system ie Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK)and not Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (SJK). The NS program is a bandaid and not a cure. The NS program fund should be channelled to beef the Sekolah Kebangsaan and to attract over the chinese/tamil students from SJK schools.

LKY closed down all the chinese stream schools. English is the medium of teaching and Mandarin/Bahasa is a compulsory elected 2nd language.

The likelihood of the above happening is very slim. So BN/MCA will continue to stick to racial line unless PR comes into power which force them to change.

de minimis said...

Good point, ben. But if u r correct, these communal parties are going to be completely obsolete, except to racists.

Anonymous said...

MCA can't even bloody change the colour of the toilet paper in the HQ toilets until UMNO decides to do the same !!!

Anonymous said...

If you seriously know MCA like your father, Mr Choo, you'll be able to answer Messrs bondoun easily.

There are Indian, Sikh and mixed blood members in MCA. As long there's 1% Chinese mix, one has no problem join MCA and stand up against the horrible UMNO bully.

There's nothing wrong with the Barisan Nasional concept. Otherwise, beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman would have not live it.

Just like the beautiful NEP, UMNO has mismanaged BN and bulldozed it's little brothers. Little brothers looked behind their backs for people's support but find that the rakyat are not awakened to care for their cause. Anyone of you sokong kuat-kuat the 10 ministers' memo to PM in 2006? Or didn't most of the bloggers also run these little brothers down despite them trying to do what they can?

Any management professional knows that staff needed that motivation support to stay alive.

The ones in the BN need our constructive comments to do more. Imagine leading an army, looking back over your shoulder to find that your fellow soldiers are not there!

Emotions will not give us the best political parties. Rakyat must be fair and be stern on any of their missteps so that the country benefits.