Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Penang's Porr and monorail projects put off

Malaysiakini reports that the federal govt is postponing the RM2 billion monorail project and the RM1.5 billion Penang Outer Ring Road (PORR) project. Read here.
It is true that both projects have been unpopular among Penangites including the Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) project that is now mired in a legal controversy. Read Anil Netto's report on the Penang Turf Club and PGCC here.
Although the federal govt says that the postponement of the projects is not a punishment of Penangites for having voted for PR on March 8, the deferment of the Penang projects smacks of the same reasons Pak Lah used when he deferred some of Dr M's lembu suci (sacred cow) projects such as the double-rail link and the crooked bridge (remember that?).
Instead of a policy of engagement with PR states like Penang, the federal BN govt seems to have taken a myopic view of finding ways and means to circumvent the 5 PR state govts.
I'm certain that the federal BN govt will say, "Well, Penangites rejected BN, rejected PGCC, complained about the monorail and complained about the PORR. So, we are responding to the views of Penangites!" And, they actually believe they can get away with that kind of logic. Do they seriously think that Penangites are THAT stupid?
The federal BN govt should be engaging Penang to examine the NGOs' call for a consideration of a tram project in place of the monorail. Is it wrong for the community to give suggestions? Trams will be more cost-effective than monorail. Read here.
Does Pak Lah, Najib and the rest of the federal BN team actually think that this type of strategy will preserve their tenuous hold on power?


Anonymous said...

Taiwan has no oil. They have complete MRT system throughout Taiwan island.

Singapore has no oil and water, MRT system is fully in placed and surprisingly Singapore has lower tax but more development.

Malaysia is a very lucky country with a lot of resources, I am not too sure if our government is not "as smart" as these countries, but we are poorer than them for sure.

When can the smart and ethical Malaysians can step out and help our nation!? Please give the citizens here a chance! we do not need leaders who only know how to push the burdens to the citizens, we are more highly educated than our leaders and certainly we are not stupid. They need to justify for their pay at least. I challenge Pak"Lan" to perform investment analysis for PGCC here.

Every ethnic has their strengths and weaknesses and it is important for us to leverage/capitalize on the multi-racial strengths and stop arguing about NEP, Malay-Chinese-Indian, education languages etc issues. I believe what all of us want are simply a more comfortable life, lower poverty and more value-added jobs.-- Things that our gahmen has failed to create.

1)Many Malaysian talents are outflown to Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and China? Why, the pay is higher, more value added jobs and MNCs.

2)UM ranking has gone down dramatically in the past 10 years. No research scholars are attracted to UM, we have more Universities now but most of them are of no standard. Please compare to NUS or HKU! Wake up..we are now compete globally for funds and value-added jobs.

Taiwan and Singapore are "poor" country, but Malaysia is a poorly managed country. Sigh!!!...Sigh!!!...Sigh!!!....

I pray to the God so that Malaysian talents will come back, I pray to the God that Malaysians could be truly united and move forward as Malaysians.


de minimis said...

Anon, I fully agree with your sentiments. Meritocracy will ensure that the best and brightest Malaysian minds will serve M'sia. Many of us know many first-class M'sian minds who are serving large corporations and foreign governments. That is only because there are no opportunities or recognition here.

We need a govt that has the vision to communicate to all M'sians that a system of meritocracy will attract the best M'sian minds who can move the economy and our society to a better future.

When will we have a govt like that? Soon, I hope.

Anonymous said...

We are in transition of unitary to federalism system. Ironically this transition is quickened by BN federal govt.

The setback is Kedah PR govt desperately resorting to destruction of the forest near the water catchment area.

We hope that won't happen. However, if it does, the BN govt will be as guilty and the effect will come back to haunt for many years!