Sunday, June 22, 2008

Join us, DAP Sarawak urges BN reps

It's starting to get hotter in Sarawak. Malaysiakini reports an audacious call by DAP Bandar Kuching ADUN, Chong Chieng Jen (see for all BN legislators in Sarawak to join the DAP or form alliances or a coalition.
3 key agenda items
The DAP mentioned 3 key agenda items. Firstly, to implement a chief minister rotation system whereby a Dayak, a Malay and a Chinese will take turn to be the Sarawak chief minister. The tenure of each CM will be for a full term after a state election. One full term will be quite sufficient for a CM to implement his policies and visions. Dayak will be the first to be the CM under the rotation system as they have the largest population.
Secondly, to demand for 20% oil royalty for Sarawak. Despite our state’s riches in natural resources, we are one of the least developed State. Sarawak has been marginalised by the BN government all these years.
Finally, to implement total reform of Sarawak's land policy by converting all leaseholds to 999 leaseholds and, to survey and issue land titles to all NCR land.
It looks like the views expressed in many blogs (including this one) on NCR lands is being taken up even more earnestly by the Sarawak Opposition (PKR and DAP). At least the effort is not in vain!


Diversity Dude said...

There is a difference between UMNO and Barisan Nasional. I want to make it clear that it is not the Barisan Nasional (BN) government, but the UMNO government. It is not the government, but UMNO. Barisan Nasional is a coalition of unequals, not equals. UMNO is the big brother in BN. Therefore UMNO must be held responsible; and more importantly, UMNO must not be allowed to hide behind the BN banner. UMNO is the enemy, not BN.

I have come to the conclusion that the easy solution is to completely defeat UMNO in the next elections.

In the 2004 elections (11th General Election), the voters gave good support to Mr.Abdullah Badawi. But reforms did not come. Why? Probably because UMNO had done well in the elections. If UMNO had done well in the elections, then the election results tell UMNO that the voters are satisfied with the status quo. If the voters are satisfied with UMNO, then no reforms are necessary. In the 2008 elections (12th General Elections), UMNO did not do well, but she managed to win. UMNO did lose the 2/3 majority in the Parliament, but she did win, nevertheless. Will UMNO undertake reforms now? I would not be surprised if she did not. Why should she? UMNO is still the winner in the elections; and she can plan to rise and may even succeed to rise again. So, as long as she wins, she will never undertake the reforms. So, how do the voters get the reforms that they need? The voters will get the reforms when UMNO is completely defeated in the 13th General Elections. If UMNO wins zero seats in the next elections (13th General Elections), then some other party would have to rule Malaysia. Let us call it Party B. If UMNO is completely defeated in the next elections (13th General Elections), then Party B would rule Malaysia. Would Party B undertake reforms? If Party B does not undertake reforms, then voters would know what to do.

There is no doubt that UMNO has used gerrymandering to strengthen herself. If we removed gerrymandering from UMNO, then there would be a reduced UMNO. So the non-UMNO voters of Malaysia have good reasons to vote against UMNO.

It is possible that UMNO has used the Police Force to strengthen herself. The Police Force is required to be neutral. But is the Police Force neutral? I appeal to the Police Force to be neutral.

UMNO is a race based political party and also the big brother of BN. So, the complete defeat of UMNO in the next elections is the only way to get reforms. The complete defeat of UMNO in the next elections is the only way to get a new beginning.

UMNO is inclined to believe that Malaysians cannot do anything if they are in any way dissatisfied. The voters, however, have to send a strong message to UMNO that the voters can do something: the voters can vote.

So, the next step for Malaysians is to completely defeat UMNO in the next elections.

Diversity Dude said...

The below is a copy and paste from

A third force

There is no smoke without fire. Rumours have been abound since MArch 8 that Sabahan parties may quit BN and join the opposition. As with most rumours in Malaysia, this has turned out to be not just speculation with the announcement of SAPP that it would move a vote of no confidence against Prime MInister AAB.

In the light of this announcement, BN would have no choice but to kick SAPP out of BN. Out of the 14 component parties, there would be 13 left.

There are also rumours that more than 10 others MPs would quit BN, either with their parties or individually. Will these turn out to be true also? After SAPP, I would not discount anything.

But politically, this group of more than 10 MPs (10 to 18 as rpeorted in Chinese Malaysiakini) would be more effective to help the people of Sabah, if they can remain as independents , without joining Pakatan.

Unless of course, they think for their own self interest, and that by joining Pakatan and bringing down BN governemnt, they would be rewarded with Ministerial positions and so on… And that would mean the politics of patronage, which we voters have been trying so hard to get rid of, may still be with us even with a change of government.

If this group can remain as independents, then they will hold the trump card, and can in fact force BN in general and UMNO in particular to change. They could demand for better govenrnace; they could ask the government to accelerate the setting up of judicial commission, the formation of which is facing some resistance as some in UMNO would not want this to happen; they could also ask for an completely independent Anti Corruption COmmission.

In a nutshell, these people could play leverage to get BN to return to the people.

By staying out of Pakatan, they could still help form a new government if UMNO does not change and if Pakatan can get enough MPs to leave BN. Once Pakatan forms a minority government, the leverage to get Pakatan deliver what it has promised will be much greater if this group stays out of Pakatan. If Pakatan does not deliver, this group can again exert its independence and vote Pakatan out , too.

When there is a 2 party system with almost equal strength, a small third independent force will be much more effective if it remains outside both the big brothers. That is what I hope will happen and this is what I have advocating.

Dr Hsu’s Forum

The above is a copy and paste from

yapchongyee said...

It is uncivilized for a political party like UMNO to dominate Malaysian politics for the last 50 years and yet our people are debating, in spite of the lawlessness of the Malaysian judiciary, the total absense of any ethics in politics. The royal commission that was held ending in the Royal commission recommending that the Attorney General take steps to investigate and prosecute all those who had a part in the abuse of the powers of the retired Prime Minister, Dr Mahatir. This total disrespect for the Law can only happen in Malaysia.

The UMNO dominate goverbnment of the past 50 years had consistently spit and shit on the faces of the MIC, MCA, Gerakan etc.... component of the Barisan National coalition. There was in every sense of the word A MASTER AND SERVANT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN UMNO AND THE OTHER SERVANT COMPONENT PARTIES OF THE BN.

Both in Sarawk & Sabah the intention of the UMNO leaders has been to dilute the native Kadasan, Dayaks, Chinese, Indians and other Sabah & Sawrak indeginous native people. This is to gurantee that these territories are numerically overwhelmed by the Malays. What are you in Sabah & Sawrak waiting for. Will you again pass up and opportunity to oust UMNO from government ? Let me assure you that if UMNO is again restored to health, UMNO will do every dirty and unlawful trick to again CHEAT THE PEOPLE FROM A TRUELY ELECTED GOVERNMENT. You will not get another chance.

Some of you gripe that Dato Seri is not truely sincere and that, you would still give your support to the BN. This is the ultimate in foolishness; because YOU NEED TO PUT UMNO OUT OF GOVERNMENT BEFORE YOU CAN EXERCISE YOUR STRATEGIC POWER TO SWING VOTE AND GET FULL VALUE FOR YOUR RIGHTS OF CITIZENSHIP.

It is a political process that we want to fight for and that is to retain our power as voters in a fair and level playing field. You will not again get this opportunity again. Push UMNO out of government and make something of your right of equal citizenship; your vote has power and you cannot get that power if you behave like a slave to UMNO.

de minimis said...

I agree with the point that UMNO is the problem. But we have to also get groups like the MCA to reform from being a communal party to a multiracial one. This will be a process of killing off the arrogant and insolent grip that UMNO has had over Malaysia over the past 50 years. In Imperial China, when economic conditions are bad there is dynastic change. It's the same urgent situation in Malaysia. We need to change the government.

Letting the time pass me by said...

The Malaysian politics has becoming more and more unpredictable and very-very attractive...

etheorist said...

I see, by your new and more attractive format, that you are in the mood for change.