Saturday, January 15, 2011


Just over half or 56% of total employment comes from this sector where 19% to the nation's total exports stem from. 

The segment also represents 99% of total business establishments and is a substantial contributor to the country's gross domestic product at 31%.

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Given the stats above, why do my SME friends still feel orphaned and unappreciated and are finding difficulty with obtaining funding support?

More action, less words, please.


semuanya OK kot said...

They are unappreciated for the same reasons our scholars are practcally forced to emigrate. Because they do not have the right (a) cables or (b) skin colour or (c) the arbitary diktats of 2-bit pen-pushing bureaucrats who will not budge from their chairs. The way to resolve a lot of our problems is to "follow the money" to the hoards that our servants have accumulated, turning themselves into our masters.

semuanya OK kot said...

The Peter Principle says employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence. Similarly, the denizens of the business world grow in size like dinosaurs. They are then able to accomodate all sorts of bureaucratic demands and wishes. Recalling an image of a whale with a few parasitic fish stuck on will help to illustrate the point. In fact, life within these organizations has little to do with evolutionary fitness, as the cartoon Dilbert shows so well.

Then there is the debilitating effect of big finance. Mergers and aquisitions are still in vogue despite their apalling history. Our own super-merger in plantations is a good example. Finance is offered where it is least required or (as in the case of the current Western Great Recession), where the potential for rip-off is greatest. Treating economic pronoucements as science completes the camouflage.