Tuesday, November 23, 2010


In tandem with my hesitant entry into microblogging, I have also decided to ditch the claustrophobic feel of the library template to go for absolute simplicity. No more frills.


hishamh said...

I prefer the simple look myself - welcome to the club!

walla said...

Intelligent response. Technology.

Family and clients come first. Blogging can wait.

Will miss the food for thought for social conscience, though.

But change is the only constant. In an equation of life flecked with infinities.


de minimis said...

Thanks, bro hishamh. Content trumps facade.

Bro walla, you won't miss much...it's just that I prefer to do blogposts when I've had the chance to ruminate and mull. No point having lexicographically-challenging posts that does not have any point to make.

Raison D'etre said...

Hi DM,
Nicer. Very easy on the eye.

de minimis said...

Thanks RD