Tuesday, May 7, 2019

It's the economy, stupid

As if you don't already know, most of the unhappiness index in Malaysia today is connected to the prices of consumer goods and services. 

Why are prices so sticky, as in why didn't the price of consumer goods and services adjust downwards after the change of government on May 9, 2018?

This is something that the Malaysian government has failed to explain to the Malaysian public.

The fact is that while political players come and go, the economic players pretty much remain unchanged. The consumption patterns remain unchanged. The supply chain remains unchanged.

So, what can new political masters do with the levers of power in government? Push the wrong button and shit may happen. So, what to do?

To avoid being blamed (though it's a little late in the day now because the shit has already hit the fan) the government needs to explain to the Malaysian public on why the price of so many consumer goods and services haven't fallen.

It's a sticky wicket.

This is a failure of communication by the new Malaysian government. 

It's been a year now. Time to get the act together. 

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walla said...

That's because they are busy being Men-In-Black. From black school shoes to black car screens.

Seriously, the PH cabinet is defocused and not internally coordinated. The first order of the day should have been to get centrally organized better in three aspects: reforms, deliveries and communications. The first was not done, the second therefore could not be done and hence the third did not have to be done.

And it's dangerous to say they could not do the reforms because they did not expect to win the elections when they made those promises. That would mean they had intent to make empty promises. But now that the rakyat had bought the promises and delivered the result, the promises must be delivered, in the absence of which the rakyat would naturally next gravitate to associate empty promises with the economic dire straits which seem to have become the norm these days.

So the first thing to do is to organize a proper central coordinating body that will handle or at least officialize all communications on matters which impinge directly on the factors which the rakyat face daily. Obviously, that's the economy ...meaning prices of household goods, transport, housing and other daily necessities, and job/business opportunities. The clean-up of government and reduction of 3R impediments can go parallel to that first thrust.

Surely, even with 1MDB, TH, KWAP and other financial sinkholes, there should still be some money left to start and run such a body in sonic-hedgehog time. Just don't fill it with politicians only. Get some smart and sagacious lawyers, wordsmiths and financial experts in asap and do the airwaves, tv screens, mainstream papers, social media in full technicolor. Or die by GE15.

Now, can i get back to my Game Of Thrones season 8 episode 5? Meanwhile the blogger may want to check the blog bin more regularly. Tough finding a reason writing to oblivion. And it would be good to allow posts to be displayed instantly like how it's done at etheorist's; after all, no one else writes here wakakakaaa...