Saturday, February 2, 2019

Malu Troll in Malaysia Baru

It must be annoying and confusing for many to see people who are charged with serious breaches of public trust, corruption and assorted financial crimes walk freely among us. Worse still, these accused persons wear smug expressions and appear to carry on their daily lives with nary a worry in the world. Further unkind blows are received when we read about their capers in social media and the adoration they receive from certain sections of the Malaysian polity.

One may begin to wonder ... hmmmm ... do crimes really pay? Can one really get away with it? What gives? Is our system of laws really broken? Why haven't the accused persons been thrown in jail?

The due process of the law is, indeed, annoying. It comes across and being slow, lumbering, languid, emotionless, uncaring and, cold. One has to be stoic.

If nothing else, our criminal justice system requires the accuser to be patient. This is due to the basic principle adopted only in the recent two centuries that an accused person must be presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

Annoying as it may be, this system is far, far better than the one used by Torquemada in the Spanish Inquisition and, the Star Chamber used in 17th Century England.

The long arm of the law will reach the guilty parties. By charging the accused persons, the noose is already around their necks. The noose may be loose now because the trials haven't started. It will start tightening around the necks of the accused once the trial gets under way. 

Malaysia Baru is a work in progress. Everyone needs to do their own small positive part. Have faith that change has started and, it is in progress.

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walla said...

But it had to take a change of government before charges could be filed on the tail of exposures of fiduciary escapades. So public impatience is understandable against that backdrop, all the more when the same gang of wolves is still smugly going about raising ire and hurling brimstone in the Malaysian landscape, encouraged by a government made of different component parties that is only affecting the behavior of some lost sheep. History may say GE14 was just some pyrrhic victory because the victors never expected to win in the first place which would explain why they still act like an opposition front when they need to show victorious decisiveness to change the mental makeup of Malaysia not perambulate in some jambalaya insouciance.