Thursday, September 15, 2016

Moderates must speak up — Mohd Sheriff bin Mohd Kassim

Malaysia has non-leaders leading it nowadays. That is the root of the problem.

Whatever said and done, race relations and religion must be heavily policed in Malaysia. This is because it is so easy for incendiary talk to ignite misunderstanding.

This is where we are after decades of poor leadership, especially since 1981.

G25 is endemic of the current sick reality. It comprises Muslim Malaysians that hold sensible views. It is exclusive in its moderation. Read the report here.

It appears that if any such groupings have mixed ethnicity, their voice will be diluted.

Beggars cannot be choosers, I guess.

So, here I am. A non-Muslim Malaysian who finds peculiar and perplexed but positive ambivalence about being drawn to the category of "moderate". I guess it means that I am not "extreme" or "indifferent". But, who knows what the other categories are?

How the hell did we arrive here?

When did being "Malaysian" transform into the necessity of being a "Moderate Malaysian"?

It appears more so than ever that 1981 was a very bad year for Malaysia.

The only problem is that we didn't know it at the time.


Anonymous said...

It is politics by race. Here races communally cohere in clusters. Location of those clusters makes for easier re-delineation of voter boundaries. When advantaged to the incumbent under the malodorous influence of the election commission, such re-delineation exercises are but gerrymandering which is the only reason why a government that talks about national unity takes no action when its race crosses the line.

Everything is done just to dovetail for the general election win. Towards that, Umno has two hidden cards. Pas in its pocket and the Election Commission under its thumb.

That's why the non-Malay BN parties today face their greatest dilemma - to continue the uneasy cohabitation with Umno and lose more voters, or break away on the anvil of the real national issues but at risk of polarizing the Malays and catalyzing their social racialism even more than has already been hybridized over the years by religious racialism.

Umno must be told in no uncertain terms that the resolution of such a dilemma will be shaped by history of their behavior which without fail has always followed the standard practice - given more political power, crowbar more economic plunder to monetize further the political power.

Therefore politics by race will end as politics of economics. With the second record of their ruining everything without fail including good and enlightened politics and human capital, it follows this country is doomed to fail as a single entity with a national identity.

Past the tipping point, now at the crossroads of the final decision. If wise and brave, cast the die, cross the rubicon, and end the charade.

Truly Malaysian said...

It is great that we have thinkers in the like of Tan Sri Mohd Sheriff bin Mohd Kassim. Malaysia will be a great country if such people are appointed to positions of power to make decisions for the country in their field of expertise. Lets hope more of such people will share their thoughts and expertise.

Unknown said...

The main problem lies in the different levels of evolution between the majority and the minority communities!