Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tough love for the Chinaman

It's hard to be a Malaysian citizen these days, even for someone who is as proudly Malaysian as I am.

Most days I just enjoy being Malaysian with all my Malaysian colleagues, Malaysian business partners and Malaysian friends.

It's really annoying when my ethnicity is constantly brought up with sneering negative connotations.

If it is not tak kenang budi levelled by one side, it is bodoh by the other side.

Malaysian politics and Malaysian politicians are so incompetent and inept.

Is this a form of tough love for the Malaysian who is of Chinese descent?

Do these people actually believe that by insults, scolding and sneering the Chinese Malaysians will experience an epiphanic fit and suddenly see the error of their ways?

Thank goodness real Malaysians are not that dumb.

Thank goodness real Malaysians are mostly happy with each other.

If only the politicians will start eating their own toxic shit and just die from it. Then, Malaysia will be a much better place again.


walla said...

Given the acrimony in vogue these days, it is a natural reaction (sic) to try and walk a middle path so as to avoid being labeled ingrate on the one hand and stupid on the other.

But that's just on the surface - for if we ask 'ingrate in what sense?' and 'stupid in what way?', we may just find our own answers dissipating the comfort zone we seek from trying to convince ourselves such a particular middle path is the only sane one to take.

Indeed, ingrate in what sense?

In the sense one must be grateful to those who gratuitously take your hard-earned tax-money for personal gain out of high office won by specious electioneering and then after all that proceed to tar your kind, block you out of federal support, destroy all structures (sic) and means to reconstruct a fairer (sic) national landscape in which process weakening not only pro-business but also pro-social and pro-progressive movements that would have made for a more survivable future, and topping that by fomenting myths and stoking fears in others so that those not of one's kind are to be divisively and irrationally avoided as plagues in a very society all were born in to live together which finally results in the greatest of all achievements by true individuals of this land - benign numbness of the last vestige of rational conscience?

Does that also answer the next question - stupid in what sense?

In the sense one must be stupid not to see that those who label some as ingrates are actually labeling themselves as ingrates so if they are actually labeling themselves as ingrates, how can those they label as ingrates be not the saints of gratefulness to a better and healthier country awaiting to be rebuilt?

But then again, that's just also a question and not a statement.

And that's why some middle paths may only lead to dead ends. Like some status quo's.

Unknown said...

De minimis Don't fret too much about it.
Its only happening when they have `cross-wired UMNO-paid Bloggers who have to earn their keep. The tsunami of 2008 and carried on in 2013 has made so many Melayu agitated and apoplexed to maintain and remain `Ketuanan'.
They form a minority so they are like what we Malays be told `buih dilautan!'
Insignificant, minor `bisul' we can see their mouths moving BUT cannot hear what they're saying. goes right down from `inert' Helpless clueless NTR to his Cabinet line-up. Each wished to prove they are clever than the other, especially to fill up the slot, should the conservatives of UMNO succeed to `tendang' Najib and his hated `Spouse!'
Just wait till the outcome of TI byE P76 ends and the winner is Dyana Sofya.
Ther will be a deafening silence that even Najib in China cannot bear!
Everybody knows Without Chinese of half-half `asal Cina' Malaya-Malaysia not on the Mmap la!
Nothing is more racist than when the Malay minority Goman has been having a series of losing streak and Rakyat who are `celik mata' at making their `X' matter day by day!
Have a god weekend. Pray for TI Dyana. I am on cloud nine for her beauty -brains Combi!