Monday, July 29, 2013

Idiots at large: Just show Tanda Putera and The New Village

Just show Tanda Putera and The New Village already.

Malaysian politicians, the whole lot of you, are a bunch of idiots and opportunists. You keep insulting us, loyal Malaysian citizens, with your putrid thoughts. Enough already. Show us some respect.

Neither Shuhaimi Baba nor Wong Kew Lit deserves to be caught in this nonsense. These are creative Malaysians who know how to tell Malaysian stories in an attractive style of their own. 

Please stop this nonsense and keep your political penises guys are all too ugly.

Just leave us citizens alone and let us enjoy good quality Malaysian movies for goodness sake.


walla said...

sacre bleau!

walla said...

Chasity said...

This is awesome!