Thursday, May 9, 2013

Saifuddin Abdullah

UMNO-BN is lucky to have a man like Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah in their ranks. Personally, I would vote for him any time. 

Saifuddin is the type of political leader who is completely in tune with the times. 

And, what are the times?

In these times political leaders have to engage the electorate. Meet their sentiments and their need to vent head on. Deal with their feelings honestly. Tell them how you feel also. Prove to them that you are bringing up the hard issues with your party's leadership. 

Show them what you have written to your party leadership to convey what your constituents feel.

And, if what you have done is still not enough to convince the electorate, persist.

People acknowledge and admire and respond to human valour and spirit.

One must not only be magnanimous in victory. Saifuddin has admirably demonstrated that one can be equally magnanimous in defeat. What a guy!

I am convinced that, at the rate he is responding to adversity, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah will be victorious in the 14th General Elections.

As for the likes of Teh Kim Poo (see earlier posts below), the less of his ilk in the MCA and Gerakan the better off BN will be.

That said, I find that many of the post-GE13 pronouncements by the MIC has been very admirable...except for that Saravanan fella who may get his comeuppance in due course at the rate he is going.


walla said...

What is it the electorate want? An honest, fair and efficient government.

In people like Saifuddin Abdullah of Umno, for that matter Khalid Ibrahim of PKR, you have those qualities.

Yet, if Saifuddin's party is otherwise, how can he articulate and execute the very things the electorate want done and yesterday?

The voters who know and care about good government have already answered that question.

They have given up on the remote possibility that more Saifuddin's in the power corridors of his party would change the federal governance of this country.

That's why he was voted out not because they didn't think he could deliver but because they knew his party would never let him deliver.

And that you can immediately deduce for yourself in the way his party chiefs responded to the massive swing in upset votes despite chicanery in the polling.

They just blamed a certain community of rakyat and voters for being ungrateful.

For one, the tsunami was by all communities which means you have a head of government twisting a fact just to save his own skin, taking cue from the template master whose son he had announced would be made state chief even before the results were out.

Second, putting the blame on one community was irresponsible and divisive, in fact contrary to the unity messages belabored before the polls. Some may even say it was seditious for you certainly cannot excuse it as memory loss in the heat of a juvenile disappointment.

Thirdly, saying the rakyat who had voted for the Opposition were ungrateful is downright insulting of their defense of principles besides derogatory of any true leader's own values to lead, inspire and administrate.

Can the Mahathir's, Najib's, Ghani's, Rustam's and so on in this country therefore answer a simple question in front of their own family members in a court of law let alone a place of worship?

The simple question is this:

Would you want your family members to be unquestioningly grateful to and blindly supportive of those who are corrupt and crooked for whatever concocted justification of ends justifying means at the expense of both the general populace and the nation?

The people in Saifuddin Abdullah's party have dragged ethical principles and moral values down into the gutter.

They will not hazard an answer to that question for they know they have no place to hide when they answer it. For if they answer no, they are hypocrites. And if they answer yes, they confess they are criminals.

Meanwhile, they want the rakyat of this country to look the other way so that they can win to govern over them again so that they can continue to cream off more of the rakyats' future funds, now just announced to be a stratospheric trillion ringgit.

That's why it was important to switch tally sheets so that Perak was lost a second time. Saravanan may even admit to that when he talks in his sleep out of a bloodied conscience.

As for Teh, his pugnacious air during one PKFZ press conference can make you cringe how in tarnation he was appointed.

This would explain why he as well as Teng of Barisan Penang could be so callous as to knee-jerk the closure of service centres out of spite.

The only result of their doing so is to affirm to the rakyat that they never really had a true heart for the rakyats' welfare in the first place, seeing the proffered service as a trade for votes in much the same way Barisan's Najib would say i help you provided you vote for me which is no different from him going onto the golf course and saying the same thing to his buddy whose company was later parachuted into a mega-project under his direct control as self-appointed finance minister.

walla said...


Is that how we want this country to be governed? Is that how we want the young to "listen up" and learn? Is that what we want to read next of who was awarded what project in the new trillion ringgit round of Umno-controlled ETPs? Is that how we want to spend our time reading all this with growing chagrin and shaking heads?

As flyer68 would say, "you be the judge".

Which comes to the post on the best and brightest for the federal cabinet.

Outcome of GE13, Pakatan was more popular than Barisan and yet Barisan wrested the federal government again. It was by gerrymandering and other devices at Barisan's sole disposal which had also been raised by Bersih and others yet foot-dragged until it was consigned in malaysia-bolih manner to oblivion.

How can the results then be fair to the rakyat? Therefore, talking about having the cream in Barisan's federal cabinet seems premature, doesn't it?

Secondly, one must ask how can a weak guy like Najib under the shadows of a tinpot like Mahathir pick fine senators for his cabinet when he had deliberately overlooked the complicity of Shahrizat in and out of his cabinet and party?

Thirdly, if Najib knew about Zambry's award of state land to his proxies in the previous session, would he not also have known of Rustam's formula of forty percent commission for projects in which case how can he appoint the best and the brightest when he was already tardy in even appointing the cleanest?

That would explain why those trains are standing still in the city. The poor supplier lost out. Do the rest of the folks there still have some brains left?

Fourthly, where are the best and brightest to come from now that Najib has shown he has:

(a) all along been under the thumbs of Mahathir whose favoured candidates are those with singular ethnic fascism, dual heritage, tripled standards, and quadruply split tongues;

(b) now to keep his promises to the warlords asked to give way; and

(c) soon to have to appoint his people from Sabah and Sarawak who know nothing about the peninsular what more modern, and clean, management.

Which comes to this euphoria that the capital market took cue and spiked a bit. They had to if they want to take advantage of punters going in so as to relieve themselves of the shares that were languishing.

Depending on capital market performance to credentialize an administration is hardly the way to welcome a new era of economic transformation.

walla said...


As for paring down debt levels, tell that to those who had just blown an estimated eleven billion ringgit just to try and buy popularity, results of which you now have before you.

Besides chopping down an entire bamboo forest in contravention of the geneva convention of environmental protection.

And if all the corruption money is returned from those who know where they are, we needn't even be having to wax about social safety nets. The rakyat would be richer, perhaps so rich they can be more welcoming to those who have been given instant ICs for some unfathomable reason. Best ask the one who still walks free, apparently now with pompous glee.

Finally, the two posts on the MCA. I had already made comments before:

It remains to ask with all the toxic branding and devastated standing, how can the MCA reinvent itself inside the next five years when it also doesn't have any representation in the new federal government which is now for all intents and purposes an Umno the majority don't trust and have rejected?

If the MCA is given positions, they will be beholden to (a) and if that's not bad enough, (b) and (c) as well. It might as well be given a poison pill right now and be put out of its misery. One understands there's some cyanide in one of its plants in Raub.

Ok, last bit before i bid you goodbye...

There's this new rumbling about national reconciliation and a new unity. You can have all that BUT ONLY AFTER THE CORRUPT ARE EJECTED AND ANY GE13 FRAUD REVIEWED AND ACTED UPON ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF THE RAKYAT OF MALAYSIA.

Otherwise the rakyat will be taken for another ride again by the same group which has had the nerve to say it was the Opposition which had taken the rakyat for a ride.

It's the same old Mahathir MO. People, learn faster, be more alert, do the right thing for your children.

de minimis said...

Fully agreed, bro walla. As always, I am chuffed that you have troubled yourself to share your insights.

It is true that Saifuddin's party is a poisoned tree. Being a fruit of that tree he is at risk of being equally poisoned. The challenge for political leaders like Saifuddin is to engender the detoxification process not just for himself but for the entire superstructure of BN and UMNO.

The numbers coming out from GE13 is obvious for all to see. As I like to say, those who choose to live in the Nile (denial) will face the consequences of the next great Flood.