Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Bukits and One Batang

There are many perspectives that one can take in relation to by-elections.

Some take the view that the by-elections are mini referendums on the state of governance.

The by-elections may also be regarded as indicators of the continued ascendancy of the challengers.

Where the status quo ante prevails, possibly in the one Batang, it may be inferred that the incumbent coalition remains dominant. But, the nature of such dominance is the key to future elections. The Beatles lyric, Money can't buy you love is apposite and, it is a sentiment that may prevail in future elections if not this current one.

In the run-up campaign, Sakmongkol AK-47's astute observation is that there is an alarming decadence in the level of commitment of the campaign workers for the BN.

Jebat Must Die has wearily noted the crass phenomenon during the campaign of seeing bodyguards of Umno leaders leaping out from cars before it even come to a full stop will not bring about more votes. Blaring sirens around kampungs just to signal the arrival of ‘para pembesar Umno’ will definitely be a turn off to the constituents. One should be more discerning to the feelings of the locals rather than to show the party’s strength and power.

These are debilitating features for the BN.

But, is the trend inexorable?

Obviously not. It can be remedied. But, the remedy will have to be drastic.

Anyone who has had dealings with any component parties of the BN who are in official government positions will have anecdotes about instances of boorish behaviour and arrogance. This is the challenge.

When people like Samy Vellu speaks of re-branding and, yet, remain in absolute draconian control of the party, the message to Malaysians is that nothing will change...yet.

So, it should be clear to all and sundry in the BN, particularly the apex leadership, that whatever the outcome of two Bukits and one Batang, genuine reform must take place within the apparatus of all BN component parties.

Arrogance is out. Humility is in.

Turn down the TALK volume. Turn up the LISTENING feature.

And, for goodness sakes, don't be stodgy. The Malaysian voters in Saluran 3, 4 and 5 have TUNED OUT.

How do you get in synch with them?


chapchai said...

Even the President of the USA in his various speeches during his trip to Europe and Turkey reiterates he will listen and engage. But then BN leaders ain't exactly Obama are they?

chapchai said...

It looks like Batang Ai will go to BN. However, if after this the people of B. Ai get the development promised by BN during their campaign to win votes then the Opposition's efforts will not have been in vain. This will hopefully open the eyes of all my fellow Sarawakians the value and necessity of an Opposition in a true democracy. So, don't lose heart my fellow Opposition supporters. Keep at it. Remember the acorn that grows into an oak tree? And if BN does not keep its promise then the Opposition can turn to B. Ai electorate and say: "You've been hoodwinked yet again!"

Patricia said...

Interesting title, wei! It didn't enter my mind until you put it up here! Hehehe