Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PKFZ report out in 1 week's time

I must congratulate the Minister of Transport for knuckling down on the process of releasing the PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) report on PKFZ. In his OngTeeKeat blog he has written as follows:

I have decided to extend the services of Dato' Lee Hwa Beng as Port Klang Authority chairman, after his term of office expired on March 31, 2009. One of his key priorities now is to ensure the release of the PwC report on the Port Klang Free Zone and I have given him one week from today to do so.

I am made to understand that the PwC report is ready, and in keeping with my promise earlier, it should be made public in its entirety. I have pledged to ensure transparency on this issue and I intend to keep to my words.

Last year, I directed the Port Klang Authority to commission an independent and credible firm to look into PKFZ. The delay in completing the report is due to several technical issues, including the declassification of key Government documents related to the investigations.

Now that the report is ready, it is only natural that PKA, which commissioned the report, release the findings. After which, I contemplate submitting the report to the MACC and the Public Accounts Committee.

Well done, YB.


Eric said...

"Well done, YB."

Is this a joke you are doing on Ong Tee Keat? I quote the Edge:
"PKFZ project can cost up to RM8 billion instead of RM4.6 billion due to the higher cost of funds and unfavourable financing terms. It is said that the project to build a transshipment hub started off initially with a budget of less than RM2.5 billion."
That's management control under the eye of MCA!

What happened to your post on ASN and Muhyiddin stupidly racist comments? Too sensitive?

de minimis said...

Some of us wish for stronger governance practices. As such, when the government responds to demands for greater transparency and accountability, it is a message that they are taking the requisite action.

This blog is not about negativity. It offers a perspective about improving things in Malaysia. There are many other fora in cyberspace that anyone can go to to vent harder and stronger views.

Credit should be given when it is due. Encouragement should be given if the direction is correct. Constructive criticism should be given when the direction is wrong. Only then can an environment of positive change can take place.

Eric said...

Point taken. I salute your even-handed approach.
As to credit being due, correct me if I am wrong, I thought something only fell due upon delivery (in CoD terms, not even mentioning credit terms), not before.

Still what happened to your post on the ASN being opened to non-Bumi?

Eric said...

Well sorry to rub it in. Sounds like you paid homage a tad too fast. As per

"The much-awaited report into the scandal-hit Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) transhipment hub was not released today as scheduled due to “technical reasons”."

I just hope you were right and the minister will actually ensure the full release as he committed.

Eric said...

Still waiting.

Eric said...

Well, still waiting.

de minimis said...

Haha. Me too, bro. Still waiting. I suppose now they'll blame PwC who're probably worried about libel law suits from the culprits.

Eric said...

Hello Bro, lucky for them they are not in the private sector. Cannot imagine my clients'/ investors' face if I put up the same crap :)
Meanwhile, the culprits can enjoy their ill-gotten gains.