Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ku Li: New Cabinet given 6 months probation

Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has given the new cabinet line-up six months to prove themselves to see whether they are ‘performance-oriented’ or not.

Denying that he had described the cabinet as ‘neat’ in a Bernama report yesterday, the Gua Musang MP clarified that “he never hailed the new cabinet as neat and capable”.

“After all, it has yet to be seen. They said it is going to be performance-oriented, that’s good. But let’s see after six months whether the ministers have performed. It's not fair to judge them after a day or two,” he told a media conference at his residence this afternoon.

tengku razaleigh ku li interview 190309 02Besides, Tengku Razaleigh added that the people could only “evaluate after they have been given the chance to perform”.

“(It's) not fair for me to comment at this stage, let’s just wait until they have gone to their offices,” he said, adding that some of the cabinet members “have been rejected in the general election but have been brought back”.

“Some of my friends said that they are recycled members of the cabinet. I don’t know about that, but they are not new to the scene,” he said.

The Kelantan prince has been a critic of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. Today, his message to Najib is that “reforms” must be undertaken by the government immediately in order to regain the people's confidence.

Defeats in by-elections a ‘disgrace’

With the continuous defeats in four by-elections since the March 8 general election last year, Tengku Razaleigh said the BN must win the next one, if any, at all costs.

"Failing to do so would further erode the people’s support from Umno and BN. This could spell disaster for the federal government three or four years down the road."

Describing himself as a “very strong Umno chap”, Razaleigh expressed sadness that Umno has not won a single seat in a by-election held so far after the last general election.

najib announce new cabinet lineup 090409 05“It is a disgrace actually. Unlike before, we named a candidate, and as sure as a daylight they would win.

"But now we have to pray, we have to work hard, go back and forth, and throw a lot of money and still we do not win. So something is wrong,” he said.

Razaleigh asserted that Umno cannot afford to lose more support from the people because “we have lost so much already” and this will affect badly on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s new administration.

“We have lost five states in the last general election and these states are not small states... this is not just a disgrace, but malu lah (shameful),” he said.

He suggested that in order to continue in power, Umno and BN must use all its resources and marshal all its members to go all out to get support from the people.

“Otherwise, in three to four years time, you will be gone. I don’t think they want to be kicked out of office (just yet),” he said.

The Umno veteran said it was clear from the recent by-elections that many Malays had voted PAS and DAP and not Umno, adding that something must have gone very wrong in BN.

“If they are still blind to this, they should hang up their political hats, retire and go away. Am I too harsh? But I'm desperate also, because I'm in a party that’s losing support,” he said.

Mukhriz in, KJ out: It confuses me

Commenting on the appointment of Mukhriz Mahathir as a deputy minister while Khairy Jamaluddin was overlooked, Razaleigh said "this may make some people unhappy”.

khairy jamaluddin and mukhriz mahathir putrajaya“But I'm sure Dr Mahathir (Mohamad) is happy. Apart from Mukhriz himself, it may not make others happy,” he said.

Razaleigh said although it was the prime minister's prerogative to appoint his cabinet members, Najib should “still hang on to certain principles and cannot just abandon it”.

Explaining this, Razaleigh recalled that former vice-president Mohd Ali Rustam was barred from contesting for the Umno's deputy presidency for involvement in money politics but was allowed to keep his post as Malacca chief minister.

“But Khairy was also found guilty and let off with a warning, but then he was allowed to contest.

“Isa Samad (former vice-president and Negeri Sembilan menteri besar), was found guilty of money politics but he was suspended for six years and asked to vacate his ministerial appointment,” he recalled.

“I myself am confused, but I stand corrected. How do you follow this, what principles you uphold when you do this?” he said.

malaysia najib new cabinet sworn in 100409 04Razaleigh further said that (Wanita Umno chief) Shahrizat Abdul Jalil had lost in the last general election but because of her post in the party, she was appointed a minister in the new cabinet.

“But the Youth chief was not appointed and somebody below him who lost (Mukhriz) was appointed.

"How do we go with this? On one hand, it is the prerogative of the PM, On the other, if I don’t like someone, I will not appoint him - this is a bit hard,” he said.

The Umno veteran also brushed aside rumours that he had plans to join PKR or other opposition party.

“I do not think that I am going to leave Umno for now. But one can never tell about the future,” Razaleigh said.

I hope Malaysiakini will not take umbrage at me for having reproduced this scintillating piece written by Rahmah Ghazali. It augments my earlier post which was updated in light of Tengku Razaleigh's annoyance at having been misquoted by the MSM (mainstream media). This Malaysiakini report balances the purported misreporting by the MSM.


kluangman said...

Hebat sangatkah TRH ini dalam politik dan pentadbiran, mungkin di masa lalu, di masa ramai orang tidak pandai mentadbir negara dan ramai tidak berpolitik.

Sekarang, TRH ketinggalan, tertinggal dengan arus realiti perdana, tidak mendapat pencalonan, seburuk buruk Mat Taib pun, masih layak bertanding Timbalan Presiden.

Apakah TRH menunggu rezeki bergolek kepadanya atau menunggu dijulang penyokong seperti dahulu - hentikanlah impian itu.

TRH patut suakrela menggerakan usaha menambah keahlian UMNO dan bukannya berhasrat keluar, jika ia pun - rasanya, silakan - senada dengan Samy Vellu.

Raison D'etre said...


Ku's comment on those days with regards candidates.

For some old folks, there is no other than Barisan. (Note the word Nasional is almost never use.)

I still get words like: "KITA kalah dekat..." as if I, too, am a believer that WE equals Barisan.

The sad case is that some of us are so disillusioned with the current bunch of Umno (Barisan?) leaders that someone like Ku Li is seen as a viable alternative leader.

Are there no young and capable ones left?

walla said...

It seems that even before its first meeting the new cabinet has already fumbled.

First, the editors of Utusan have already interpreted in advance for the edification of all what Najib had only mentioned in passing about 1Malaysia.

The questions you would ask are:

- Is Najib first the PM of all, or is he first to last the President of Umno, which runs Utusan?

- Has he given the Utusan editors the full picture of what he had meant by 1Malaysia before talking to his cabinet in session?

These questions are germane. If he hasn't given Utusan the full picture of what 1Malaysia is all about, then how could they as his subordinates presume to interpret its content in advance of even a cabinet announcement on it? In other words, are they trying to influence how 1Malaysia is to be before it has been discussed by appointed ministers of the land?

Second, the rakyat will already read a rift within the new cabinet regarding the KPI exercise. What other conclusion can you draw when Koh is mandated to run it, but Umno and MCA ministers say they will do their own respective monitoring? What if their findings end up different from his? Furthermore, one minister was noted to comment it being an administrative matter means it should be shrouded from the rakyat. It is precisely because the rakyat are fed-up with non-disclosures that they are suffering for nothing. For instance, it's hard to imagine that the toll concessions would not have received fierce comments from the rakyat if they had been released for public preview before the agreements were a clueless cabinet, one recalls.

Third, ministers should understand a country is not run based on gratitude for receiving largesse. In the first place, that would spell money politics. In the second place, the money came from the people and the land. And in the third place, if for instance the Chinese and Indians are blamed for not voting for Barisan, what about the Malays who also didn't vote for Barisan? If they are therefore also 'ungrateful', why then tar only the Chinese and Indians?

Fourthly, Mindef seems to have preempted with a new scheme called Tentera Wataniah to complement Rela with 300 soldiers for each of the 222 constituencies. If there has been unresolved problems in Rela, in what way can the rakyat be reassured that this new program won't carry the same problems, especially when Mindef's other project of national service has been a megabillion deal for some but costing lives of innocents?

These are the things that rakyat can see clearly. The question is whether those in ministerial seats and political wings can also see clearly what they are doing.

The problem is when the rakyat see all against, say, the fiasco in Pempena, then their conclusion that the cabinet doesn't know what reforms are to be done will be reinforced by their perception that the cabinets have no ability to make closure on projects done by ministries which have shown patent leakage of public funds.

In which case, who is less grateful for what?

That's why when one reads that Ku Li suggests all members go out to win back the rakyat, one is pained to ask,

"with what?"

Lest it be unclear, one of the first remits of the reforms that's needed is to resist playing the race card all over again, making one or more races the bogeymen of the other. That thing seems to be ingrained so much Ku Li may want to revise his six month probation.

How about three years when the game's up?

And yes, i would agree that Ku Li is the right man for the economic council initiative.

ps: * feel free to delete this post.

flyer168 said...

Correct version.

Dear De minimis & Raison D'etre,

Malaysia badly needs “Role Model” established Leaders & Politicians of HONOUR with Calibre, Maturity & Tolerance without Fear or Favour on Both sides of the Political Divide - not “Recycled Politicians”.

Further, this nation Desperately needs Intelligent, Time Proven Pragmatic Successful modelled, Financial & Politiical “SOLUTIONS” on Both sides of the Political Divide NOW, to mitigate the IMPENDING Political & Financial fallout.

Let us ALL also learn that Tunku & his Malaysian cabinet of HONOURABLE, ESTABLISHED TRUE TUANS, EARNED the RESPECT, TRUST & SUPPORT of ALL the Malayan citizens.

“Our King & his Council of Rulers” as Constitutional Monarchs” should remain Apolitical at all times agreed...

But who are the People who “Implicate” them for their “Own Personal, Political & Business Gains.”

UMNO baru is too deep in its 4th stage "Terminal Cancer" NOW, that TRH ALONE will not be able to "CURE"....Period!

I had commented in his blogsite to CONSIDER stepping aside to join the ranks of the "Elderly Honourable Statesman" be honoured with his long overdue "Tunship" ....

To be the Chairman of Petronas which he initiated during Tun Razak's Tenure.

I would say that Najib now owes TRH that Honour.

If TRH still feels for UMNO Baru as it is now....

Then there is nothing any of us can do about it!

Finally, whatever one's verdict will determine where one stand on this quotation:

“The Mediocre leader Tells,

The Good leader Explains,

The Superior leader Demonstrates,

The Great leader Inspires”

The saying goes, “Whatever goes around, will come around”.

This is the law of nature.

Cheer Bro.