Friday, April 17, 2009

Selangor Retrenchment Helpline

Selangor has a state retrenchment task force set up to aid those who have lost jobs and, the task force is expanding its scope to also tackle unemployed graduates.

The state’s career and resume clinics are being held at local government offices throughout the state.

At these clinics, retrenched workers can register themselves and obtain aid or advice.


Apparently, there are officers from the state's Lembaga Zakat and Welfare Department present to help retrenched workers get assistance while consultants from are also in attendance to help find new jobs for them.

Tricia Yeoh, speaking as the Selangor state research officer is quoted as saying that the consultants will have a list of available jobs and can help workers apply for them.

“This includes cleaning up their resumes and preparing them to go for interviews.”

Applicants can also obtain information on retraining programmes which are available under the Human Resources Ministry at these clinics.

It appears that to-date most seeking help are blue-collar workers with only secondary education but these training programmes are an opportunity for them to upgrade their skills.

And, to-date 3,264 retrenched workers in the state have registered themselves either online or at municipalities and district councils.

These are good moves to deal with unemployment.

Apart from Selangor, other states should highlight their job placement, re-training and social safety net schemes.

For those who are in need do click on the Selangor Retrenchment Helpline link that I have embedded. And, good luck in your job placement!

Kudos to the Selangor State Government for this socio-economic programme.


walla said...

We don't tap technology enough.

The internet provides cheap and fast communication on posts available. If we can have 1Malaysia, it should not be too difficult to have one portal to post job openings throughout the country, not just for any one state. Someone parked jobless in one state may well want to try a more closely related opening in another state. All state machinery should channel their latest into that portal which then opens to anyone anywhere anytime. So as not to clash with the job services, it should be just informational.

Another thing to note. There are many funds out there. But the standard comment on their performance seems to be that people don't respond because they didn't know. Again, this should be nationally streamlined into one portal. Perhaps Bank Negara can run it. It will contain one online form in three parts for applicants anywhere to fill. The first part will be particulars wanted by all funders, whether they be government or banks or others. The second part will be individual requirements by the funders. The applicants can fill all the second part if they're not sure, or select which funder they want to apply to. The third part should be something on justification. A template for business case. All should be done only once online. Then, like the UPU, they are processed by the respective funders online. The result should however not be a single reply but a list of replies commingled into one result page. Then the applicants can select. That portal should also have a tabular schedule of funders criteria, and so on. If documents are needed, they can be scan-attached, or posted later.

This way, no one misses nothing and you can get selectivity both sides. There are some things to finetune, for instance, identity, confidentiality and credit/bad hat checks. But what it is in model is coalescing all activities as if in one 24x7 virtual place accessible over the internet by people remote from the nearest relevant funder branch or office. Funders will not see one another's criteria which will be managed by encrypted processing systems.


one wonders how this blog will look if Calibri 10pt fonts are used, for example.

chapchai said...

The Selangor state govt. has set a good example for the BN govt. to follow. It is time elected politicians roll up their sleeves and get down to work for the people instead of working at re-branding old concepts such as 1Malaysia, Ketuanan this and Ketuanan that.

de minimis said...

err...walla..err...what does Calibri 10pt fonts look like? :D