Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ku Li should chair Council of Economic Advisors

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has graciously hailed the new cabinet, describing it as "neat" and capable of restoring the people's confidence in the Barisan Nasional (BN).

He is quoted as saying that changes were inevitable if the BN was to win the hearts and minds of the people.

"The previous cabinet is not that neat. We shall see how the new cabinet performs... I truly hope that the new leadership will be able to change things for the better," he said.

Update 6.20 a.m. 11/04.09: Oops! It looks as though Tengku Razaleigh was misquoted by Bernama. I just read his latest blog post which reads thus:

Bernama quoted me today as hailing the new cabinet and saying it “could solve the country’s economic problems.” This is a laughable misrepresentation of what I said, and a poor indication of the more open and truthful information order we are told we can look forward to.

I am calling a press conference at my office today, Saturday 11 April, at 3.15pm to discuss my actual view of the cabinet, the economy, and what the recent bye-elections tell us.

This blogger makes a humble call for the Prime Minister to appoint Tengku Razaleigh as the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers with ministerial rank.

Tengku Razaleigh's track record of economic management is widely respected. His recent statements and blog entries on economics and the state of the economy shows a leader who has his finger on the pulse of economic trends and, more importantly, policy options that will have a salutary effect on the structural economic adjustments that Malaysia needs to make in the next few years.


Anonymous said...

Ku Li said his word misrepresentation. Check his PC tmrw.

flyer168 said...

De minimis,

Ples check your email bro, Are you available saturday tonite?

You can call me or Syed.

Anyway, Ku Li with his Royal Kelantan Lineage is probably the LAST Mohiccan & one of the most senior Honourable British Educated politician next to Mahathir who has served under Tun Razak & Hussein Onn as the Finance Minister.

Then Mahathir took over as PM to replace him with Daim as the FM.

He was Tun Razak’s emissary to quell the then Brunei “Political Crisis” leading to the abdication of the present Sultan’s father & the young Prince ascended the throne.

As such he has been close to the Royal Brunei family until now.

After his bout with the 3 way fight for the Party Deputy’s post against Dato’ Harun Idris & Musa Hitam which later became a 2 way fight with Musa Hitam becoming the DPM....

His aspirations to be the party's No 2 & No 1, has been “Detoured” many times during Mahathir’s 22 year PMship.

As an Honourable British Educated Politician, ex-Finance Minister, Economic & Finance Consultant, with his vast International Exposure & with his Royal Lineage....

It would be great if he would now CONSIDER to get out of the Political Arena, to “Join the Ranks” of our great “Statesman” & be conferred his “Tunship” like the late Tun Ghaffar Baba, Tun Musa Hitam, etc.

I had commented on his blog sometime ago, even before the Party AGM but it was not published.

It is also his Gracious & Humble Royal sister’s wish (Which she had conveyed to me).

UMNO baru is a Lost cause now.

Cheer Bro.