Monday, April 27, 2009

Death by Committee

Way back in July last year, I had called for the formation of a Shadow Cabinet by the Opposition if they wished to lay claim to be a government-in-waiting.

Not surprisingly it didn't materialise due in large part to the motley nature of the Pakatan which was not able to formalise its coalition status.

Now Pakatan is attempting to cobble together sets of Shadow Cabinet Committees.

Death by Committee pix from here.

I thought I had come up with a unique title to this post. But, it looks as though Carole B. Shmurak beat me to it with her novel. To quote one reviewer of the book, "Is there a worse torture than being stuck on a committee? Being forced to smile politely as fools blather away and sententious nonsense is expounded ad nauseam?"

This is what I fear that Pakatan is in the process of creating.

It threatens to be a pure quantitative exercise of inclusiveness; a series of appeasements of unallayed political egos, when what voters of March 8, 2008 wanted to see was a qualitative construction of a viable government-in-waiting.

I really am not sure that this inspires confidence that Pakatan is going to be ready to be a government-in-waiting any time soon.


ewoon said...

I have the same sentiment.

Patricia said...

I so agree, CT. What awaits us should we vote them in as our new government? It sure looks like our viable alternative isn't very viable, doesn't it?