Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Organic vs Inorganic

Kudos to DBKL for making a solid move towards environmental awareness and responsibility by KL residents. This is a positive approach that encourages environmental awareness. The KL residents have no excuse to behave in a environmentally irresponsible manner once the programme commences:

STARTING June 1, each household in Kuala Lumpur will be provided with two rubbish bins — one for organic waste and the other for inorganic stuff.

Waste collection concessionaire Alam Flora will provide each household the two bins for them to throw the two categories of waste separately.

It will be compulsory for the people to throw their rubbish correctly into the properly designated bins. Failure to do show will result in their rubbish being left uncollected.

A must: KL households are now required to display two garbage bins. One is for organic and the other for inorganic waste.

The new ruling is part of the steps taken by the federal government to have a more orderly and effective management of waste and to encourage people to recycle.

With the passing of the Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Act 2007, the local by-laws on garbage collection are being streamlined.

While the by-laws are apparently silent regarding the penalty aspect, it is still mandatory for the people to sort out their rubbish into the two categories.

“We have the right not to pick up the garbage when people don’t separate their waste, but we are not out to punish but to educate them,’’ Alam Flora chief executive officer Zahri Abdul Ghani said.

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Raison D'etre said...


We were pushing for something like this in Ipoh bu there were concerns of the rakyat's acceptance to the idea of separating their waste.

Kudos to KL for making the first move and let's see if the other cities would follow suit, eh?

To that end, we are still seeing traders, schools et cetera (even varsities where the supposed creme of our youth resides) are still very much into polystrine boxes in keeping food items.

So much for awareness... :(