Monday, December 7, 2009

Banks+Innovation = Oxymoron?

The mind is a wonderful thing. Sometimes it creates an impulse. At other times it somehow makes some interesting connections at a subconscious level leading to an insight or some form of interposing of things with quite startling results. This is the startling albeit tongue-in-cheek startling connection for Monday:

Here's an extract from The Star that I read today:

Banks can innovate and support the high income growth model for which a basic ingredient is the setting up of industries that employ highly-skilled labour.

And, here's what I read last night in Time:

If we were too positive heading into the 2000s, we are almost certainly too negative heading into the next decade. But that's not such a bad thing. It means we will be collectively reluctant to lard on massive debts. It means we will be wary when some mortgage man tries to sell us an exotic loan predicated on our house's doubling in value. It means we will see "financial innovation" for what it often is: an oxymoron.


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Dazzling links. Takes a random connection to a good level. Many thanks. Your inputs edify my paltry posts.

walla said...

Au contraire, de minimis. It's your posts which sparkle with intelligence of a high order.