Thursday, December 3, 2009

GST and removing subsidies - can the poor afford it?

Mr Jagdev Singh Sidhu has made some cogent points here.


Anonymous said...

yes they can as they are the one choose BeEnd every election...especialy the rural folk in sabah & sarawak

Peter said...

Not a bad piece. Sadly in his previous GST articles he printed some factual errors and did not (refused) to correct this in subsequent stories. Very unprofessional. He had made the following two statements in his Nov 4 article in the Star "GST Needs Groundwork"
#1 - "Some governments that introduced a GST prior to a general election, like in the case of England and Australia, have fallen."
#2 - "But the governments that won the elections have now repealed GST in those countries"

To mind, only the Government of Canada at the time was actually defeated in a subsequent election due to the GST. The party that formed the new government, did not repeal the GST. Nor any subsequent government in power.

Nor do I believe that the UK or Australia has repealed the VAT or GST in those countries. I certainly am paying someone VAT or GST when I shop there!

I was surprised that a retraction or clarification was not forthcoming in subsequent articles from Jagdev in the Star. I even copied my note to the Ass't Business editor and still no reply.


Peter said...

It will be good to get the Star's reaction to the following news item and the announcement of the Anti Profiteering Legislation that is expected early in 2010

Anonymous said...

Of course they can.You choose what you want and you get what you want.

Government Say Thankyou ( GST ).

Anonymous said...

Yes they can. You choose what you want and you get what you choose.

Government Say Thankyou - GST.