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Semi-skilled foreign workers to work in SCORE?

This latest post by Dr Brian Anthony at the Dayakbaru Weblog contains a highly relevant set of questions that the BN Sarawak State Government led by Taib Mahmud should answer. I am reproducing the post here. This is a wake-up call for BN Sarawak that the end is near with these types of myopic and self-serving policies that are dressed up under the guise of economic development that does NOT provide any direct benefit the people of Sarawak in such a basic area as semi-skilled employment:

The below news is exactly what I have expected and this is totally unacceptable by the people of Sarawak. Dayakbaru will take the lead to protest this move. SCORE is said to be created to generate 1.5 million job. Before we even begin, the Chief Minister already started to play his manipulative hand on labour requirement.

You can expect the Chief Minister’s next step - he will announce that Sarawak will import semi-skill labour from a specific country. Before that, a certain arrangement would be made to put labour supply business under a limited monopoly.

What is Happening?


“Sarawak will relax its immigration policy to open up the state in a controlled way to allow semi-skilled immigrant workers to be employed in the various sectors in preparation for the implementation of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).” (Borneo Post)

Internal Labour supply

What is the number of labour that is needed and what classification / category of skill are required?

The Sarawak government led by the Chief Minister is always issuing very “blur and sweeping “statement that is almost of no use to the people of Sarawak. Can the Labour Department or SCORE issue a specific information on the labour requirement.

Otherwise I can only thing of dubious intention of certain politician to make money out of labour supply at the expense of Sarawak workers.

This is an open challenge to the intellect (senility) of the Sarawak Chief Minister.

These are simple question for a man who may be too senile to answer. We know that the ADUN - BN members are all turning into “stone” now thus the questions.

  • How many semi-skill worker do SCORE need and of what skill is required and when?
  • When is this labour requirement needed?
  • Can we train our current unskilled labourer to be semi-skill using a robust system of training - practical approach.
  • What wage scale are the government going to offer this group of semi-skill imported worker and what would be the salary scale given to home grown semi-skill worker?
  • If imported workers are semi-skill in category do you accept that the local workers would be the “general labourer” earning less in their own country compared to foreign worker?
  • Are you not ashame of not being able to produce semi-skill worker in your great and progressive Sarawak?
  • Is Malaysia ( Sarawak) less develop than the country where you are suggesting to import workers?

I would proposed that SCORE or whatever authority is involved to identify the type of skill required in SCORE and set up training centres to produce these workers among the local population. If the government is thinking of giving peanut then of course you will get monkeys.

How much money and resources is required to set up this training centres in Sarawak? In the first place Sarawak should be equip with more technical and practical training centres to increase the capability - human capital development in Sarawak.

What is the State Minister in-charge of Human Resources development doing about Human Capital development. These training centre is unlike setting up of universities - it doesn’t cost that much money. More money is spent in projects in Sarawak that is not contributing to the well-being of the people of Sarawak.

What is SCORE requirement for professional and Managerial people?

My questions are:

  • has the State government took specific and focus action to generate the correct graduate that would be able to serve SCORE
  • why is SCORE still “blur” or “silent” about their requirement - are you sure you know what you are doing.

The State Government cannot continue to mislead the people or not showing good managerial skill in managing SCORE so much so almost everything and requirement are on “urgent mode”. Or is it possible that those working in SCORE now are made up of LAZY people and with no INITIATIVE in their work?

Choosing an easy way out

The State government MUST not choose the easiest way out of lack of skill workers problem in Sarawak. Malaysia has been talking about developing human capital and why are we building dam that we do not need. Why are we going into Kuching beautification program intensively when that is not helping the poor people. Why are we developing unnecessary service - broad band services for poor areas in Sarawak when even Kuching wifi services is still poor.

The government must invest in technical training centres. We must have proper refresher training program otherwise how will the government open up new opportunities for the people of Sarawak and improve their living standards. SCORE is an example - where the government fail even to exploit the potential of earning for te Sarawak population. The Government shown have known and do something about iy.

Sarawakian working outside Sarawak

The Sarawak State is not even shameful that it cannot provide job for its people in Sarawak. The West Malaysian State accepted Sarawak workers and train them. In the most unfortunate manner, the Sarawak State Government do not seem to have training centre to train the Sarawak people across sarawak. It is only Oil and Gas related industries that is doing the training for its workers - permanent or otherwise.

We should not talk of vocational school only for young people. The working people or those people who are without work should be call for training and given allowance. The Federal government spend almost $54million for such scheme to train graduate - now can’t the state government their population into semi-skill workers.

The Sarawak State Government must act more responsibly to its own people.

Shame to the Sarawak Government

The State government talk and promote BIG BUSINESS and they can’t even develop the skill of their population to make them productive. The government prefer to import semi-skill workers and the unskilled workers in Sarawak will become labourers. The big money will go back to foreign country while the local unskilled workers in Sarawak suffers and living below poverty line. Where will be their hope and future.


That is the problem Mr. Chief Minister when you overstay in your job and get too rich. You will not listen to what the people tell you. You will be blind to their problem and because the power that you have build in Sarawak you will use it to find an easy way out of your problem.

Then the poor people remain poor and come election you pay them some money to vote for you and promise them “give away”. Then they will return you. If these people of sarawak are helpless and cannot think for themselves - you being the Chief Minister must see to it that this should not be the case.

Change your approach or if you cannot think too much - leave your post. You are sick and old already. If you think that Sarawak still cannot go without you it is because of you.

We Sarawakian will be able to look after ourselves without you - so say goodbye. Dayakbaru wish you all the best and enjoy your retirement.

Dayakbaru says:

Don’t sell out semi skill job to foreign workers - we produce our own in Sarawak.

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