Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MCA: The silencing of Chua Soi Lek?

If a political party such as the MCA professes to operate from democratic principles, then someone in the position of Dr Chua Soi Lek, the Deputy President of the party, should be given the democratic space to speak his mind.
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As reported in Malaysiakini, the party's decision to require all bureau chiefs which includes Dr Chua as head of the party’s Government Policy Monitoring Bureau to seek prior endorsement from the presidential council before issuing press releases is definitely undemocratic.

It reeks of a clear attempt to rein in an outspoken leader.

Ong Tee Keat is demonstrating an alarming intolerance for different points of view. Having developed a reputation for being an independent and, dare I say, outspoken leader during his troubled rise to power within the MCA, Ong is now showing to the world at large that he is no different from past MCA leaders in being intolerant of different points of view.

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Imagine what he will do to party members who dissent?

This is not the reformist zeal that many were led to expect. This is a demonstration of an increasingly iron fist.

How does this recent move augur for MCA's share of the Chinese voter sentiment in Malaysia?

In horseracing parlance, the apprpriate expression may be, The going is not good.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... to some, this may smack of a move that has been initiated an iron-fisted, insecure autocrat who is intent on holding on to power for as long as possible.

To another, it may appear as a move to reinforce collective coherence, especially when making public statements that may be perceived as the party's stance.

However, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Then again, what do I know about the MCA? Or UMNO, for that matter? :-)

Zawi said...

OTK is just another politician who will promise one thing and deliver another. Look at how he covered up the PKFZ fiasco when he promised to tell all.

de minimis said...

Hi Mat B

It is, indeed, true that like almost everything else, politics and the use of power by those who have such power, is very much a matter of perception.

To OTK, it is a matter of having one captain for the football team, not two.

To Chua, it is a matter of reminding OTK and MCA members that supported Chua himself, that Chua made it as deputy president by popular vote. In the process, he had beaten OTK's ally, Ong Ka Chuan. So, Chua isn't about to capitulate and behave with bovine submission.

Whose perception shall prevail? Ah! Now THAT is worth several bags of "kuaci" at the Tayangan Sandiwara MCA.

Bro Zawi

While reading your comment I realized that I had omitted to note OTK's recent whitewash of the PKFZ matter. The PKFZ episode lends further support to Chua's need to be outspoken.

As it is, even with an outspoken Chua, there are still so many instances of MCA, BN and governmental lapses. Imagine what will happen if Chua is silenced?

Anonymous said...


I think you're too taken by Chua Soi Lek.

He's made some uncalled for statements even against own party just to score political points.

If you care to check, he recently scolded current Health Minister over Chikungunya; but what the world did not know was that in 2006, Soi Lek did nothing even though an alert was sounded at the Centre for Disease Control that Chikungunya is an reemerging disease.

Go figure...

de minimis said...

Anon 2:58

Actually I am completely indifferent to Dr Chua as I am with every MCA leader. My point is that MCA's politics needs to be revamped. Everyone is looking over their shoulders for fear of being stabbed in the back, front and sideways. The party is not in good health. The pity of it is that it has such a large membership base and strong branch network. It is a giant that is eating itself up from within. It needs a cure...and soon.