Sunday, January 4, 2009

Floods in the East Coast

I wish to record here my sympathies for the flood victims in the East Coast. Read the reports from Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, NST Online and Star Online.

In Kelantan, the majority of the victims are reported to be from Rantau Panjang (331) while the rest were from Machang (111), Tanah Merah (92), Pasir Putih (49) and Kota Baru (40).

It is also reported that some 30,000 students in 38 secondary and primary schools unable to attend their first day of school Sunday as their schools had to be closed when floods hit six districts in Kelantan.

The number of flood victims in Pahang has risen to 2,921 this afternoon compared to 2,514 in the morning of Sunday.

As of 5 pm, Kuantan had the most people evacuated with 1,753 followed by Pekan (1,022), Cameron Highlands (35), Maran (93) and Raub (7).

My heart goes out, in particular, to the children who could not attend the first day of school. My wife and I have been preparing all the uniforms, shoes, socks, badges, bags, stationeries, breakfast and recess food for tomorrow (Monday) when our two children who are still schooling, goes to school again. These must be very, very trying times for the flood-affected parents.

I know the rescue agencies are doing their level best in these trying times. I also want to record my appreciation, as a taxpaying citizen, to these angels.


walla said...

Something doesn't jive.

Here in the Klang Valley, millions are spent to replace broken pipes to prevent water leakage. There in the east coast, millions are not spent to prevent floods from inundating the living areas of the poor.

Each time that happens, their belongings including furniture, books and vehicles are damaged. How can this be allowed to continue every time there is a rainy season?

Now if i can temper myself to sit down and tabulate all those billions lost in mega-projects turned white elephants, and say salvage 10 (sic) percent from each, who knows we might have ended up so flushed with funds we could have built a hoover dam in the east coast as part of a new flood-mitigating reticulatory system that will put a final end to all this needless suffering.

Let's light up just to kill the pain inside.

mamasita said...

Hai de minimis,
this year's floods are so minor compared to the big one last year.And so after last year's very big floods,everybody is so well-trained now.The various government agencies are so over prepared this time..tahun ni no sweat man!Kacang!hehe
psst..ramai budak2 sekolah primary lagi suka tak pergi sekolah first week!hehe

Mat Cendana said...

Yes, I agree with Mamasita - It's okay in Kelantan so far. And the Kelantan River is within sight from my house, so I should be able to estimate "how bad" things might be based on that alone:-)

Sometimes the media makes it look a lot worse than it actually is. Oh, I do realise that some people have been evacuated, and I sympathise with them. However, it's just "another day in the East Coast" for most people.

de minimis said...

It is good to hear that actual conditions are not as bad as the reports suggest.