Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PKFZ report update

It's rather interesting that Port Klang Authority chairman, Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, who was hospitalised for treatment for gall bladder stones last Friday needed to be temporarily discharged today in order to attend a PKA meeting tomorrow. It's just interesting.

That meeting will encompass a decision by PKA whether or, not, to furnish an indemnity to PwC for the contents of the PKFZ report.

The Malaysian Insider reported that PwC wants to be indemnified before it gives its permission for the confidential investigative report on PKFZ, which it had prepared for PKA, to be released to the public.

Given the gravity of the situation, one can understand the professionals wanting to be covered against liability.

But, get the report out as soon as possible, please.

UPDATE 14th May 2009: Now the PKA doesn't want to issue an indemnity to PwC and needs a legal opinion. Read more here.


Antares said...

The news is EXTREMELY bad. I can smell the rot all the way from the foothills of the Titiwangsa Range... which is pretty far from Port Klang!

At least THREE transport ministers and TWO prime/finance ministers deserve to be pilloried. Literally, I mean.

de minimis said...

Bro Antares

I think you'll find that the stench will get absolutely worse when the putrid details that are contained in the PwC report is finally released. The question then would be, how the matter will be dealt with.

"Pilloried" is an excellent word albeit understated by your usual standards :D

Anonymous said...

The Minister of Transport senang-senang boleh bagi Letter of Support ratusan juta tanpa keluusan kabinet.

Apa susah nak bagi indemnity tu?

Sekarang ni baru nak ikut procedure kot?

This must the case of Better late than never, right?