Thursday, May 7, 2009

MCA leaders need to look beyond their myopia

Oon Yeoh and R B Bhattacharjee's joint piece in The Edge Daily is timely and insightful.

The last thing the MCA needs is party infighting at the apex level. Yet, this is the likely scenario.

This is symptomatic of the peculiar take that Malaysian politicians have on democratic principles. The President and the Deputy President of the MCA were popularly elected.

Doesn't that mean that a majority of the party members believe that they would have made a strong team?

Apparently neither the President nor the Deputy President believes that the party members got it right. Thus, they each believ
e that they are smarter and, wiser, than the majority of the party members who voted each of them in.

The worst part of it all is that even if an extraordinary general meeting was convened and that meeting sacks the both of them, nobody would believe that any successor team will be any different.

It's not all for one and, one for all but, rather, a case of every man for himself.

This does not augur well for the party. And, I am putting it mildly.


walla said...

That proves one and only one thing.

..namely, that it wasn't due to the pair of stone lions at the entrance of wisma mca at jalan ampang.

...because those lions are no longer there, unlike the time when Tan koon swan and Neo yee pan had slugged it out.

Antares said...

MCA has a huge stockpile of cash in its piggybank - that's what they're fighting for control over. The BN component parties are no longer relevant & it's a waste of breath trying to wake them up!

chapchai said...

Well, what do you expect? Bapak UMNO has set them a bad example to follow. Why respect the voters' wishes?

mylivingwall said...

Thoughtful post.

Will feature your post on our website and link back to your blog.

All the best!