Monday, November 17, 2008

Coffee with walla

It was a rare pleasure to have met with regular commentator walla recently. The coffee tasted better than normal since it was made more aromatic by a meeting with a formidable mind albeit dressed with huge doses of modesty.

I enjoyed having the first of what I hope will be many chats with a like-minded person who has a deep an abiding interest in the well-being of this great country of ours.

The only downside was that we probably looked like the layabouts at Starbucks that Sakmongkol mentioned in his recent post!


Jarod said...

Change venue. Starbuck too good for both of you. :)

indeed it is nice to chat with some one who share the same opinion. At time, we just need to express our self.

walla said...

The pleasure was all mine (and mind).

I wonder what would inveigle sakmongkol to join us?

Thanks, de minimis - you're incredibly fast!

walla said...

Meanwhile, something to chew on after the coffee.

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi said...

dear walla and de minimis,

mamasita and i look forward to having coffee with you. haha- about the term layabouts- just a term of art. dont worry, formidable minds like yours/walla and others unfotunately dont qualify to be in that select group.

de minimis said...

Bro sak

Any time would be a good time for coffee and kueh with you, mamasita and walla :)

Patricia said...

Ah, CT, you've got to meet him! I used to look forward to his comments on Crankshaft's posts. I can just imagine the conversation the two of you had! Oh, to be a fly on the wall....


de minimis said...

Oi! Pat

No need to be a fly on the wall. A cuppa with us might be just the thing for you after all your recent travails. I'm going to leave a cookie trail at your blog :)

Patricia said...

Pat says :)

mekyam said...

i'm a layabout. can i join when i'm next in town?

if the hub swears he won't talk mathematical equations with walla and you lot and bore me rigid, i told him he can tag along. hope that's ok.

oh ya, if venue is other than starbucks, i'll bring some real aitalian biscottis to dunk.

p.s. in case mat bangkai reads this... dunking is sexy. even for older layabouts in buddy hollys.

de minimis said...


I somehow believe that by your sheer presence at the cofee session the conversation will be unlikely to get into arcane matters like mathematics or economic curves.

I can't say that we won't indulge in detailed and earnest discussions on other types of curves, though.

And, the venue need not necessarily be at that your biscotti will have a place of honour at the table before being consumed.

And, yes, I agree that dunking is sexy. But as always, timing is everything. Long dunks are bad. Quick dunks are bad. But vigorous, rapid and repeated dunks can be mucho sexy :D