Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Car killing idiots

On the matter of the mooted policy of the Road Transport Department (RTD) to make it mandatory to scrap cars that exceed 12 years, I wish to tell whoever came up with this idea to take a flying leap to Hell.

I hesitate to make that wish come true because I am prepared to make a small assumption that the people who regulate things in Malaysia cannot be so stupid and corrupted by self-interest that they will intentionally make the rakyat suffer unnecessarily...but, I may be wrong to make that assumption.


I have 2 cars that are over 12 years old. I send both cars to my regular workshop twice a year. Each time, the invoiced amount for work done runs into a few thousand Ringgit. The cars, needless to say, are in top condition with original parts or OEM parts.

Why should I scrap those cars?

The RTD and the people who make policy must use their brains more.

What is so wrong with having a biennial Roadworthiness Test for private motor vehicles that exceed 12 years of age?

What is the rationale for a Communist-Imperial style of a policy to make mandatory for the scrapping of all motor vehicles over 12 years of age?

Is Malaysia run by idiots?

Can't these people just Google for examples used in other jurisdictions?

Or, are they waiting for a junket trip overseas, lawatan sambil belajar?


Postscript: The Deputy Minister has come out with a rectal-fication statement.


Anonymous said...

I too owned two German made cars over 12 yrs old, both of which are serviced and maintained to tip-top condition. I drove one to Singaore last week and returned safely and in comfort, and of course at certain stretches, excitedly went over the limit reaching 170 km/hr effortlessly.

I would not dare to drive a new Proton to that distance under any circumstance.

hishamh said...

I'm in the same boat - my current car is a little over ten years old, but it gets regular visits to the workshop, and I only use genuine parts.

I believe this policy proposal is largely coming from the auto industry, who obviously have a vested interest in seeing car turnover increase.