Tuesday, October 29, 2013

GST and a Robin Hood/Sheriff of Nottingham Government

After much vacillation and hesitation, the government finally fixed a date for the implementation of the GST. And, it had to be April Fools Day in 2015.

Be that as it may, I see the GST as a necessary move. It is inevitable. I'll tell why it is inevitable.

Our country has a lot of cheap labour. Most of us fail, refuse or ignore the necessity to acquire higher value skills. So, the average working citizen does not pay any tax.

Why many Malaysians fail, refuse or ignore the need to acquire higher value skills should be the subject matter of serious study (pun intended).

Is it race? Is it culture? Is it the social environment? Is it religion? Is it the hot tropical weather? Is it the abundance of food?

Or, is it plain indolence (which emphasises our slothlike approach to pretty much everything)?

Why aren't every young Malaysians scrambling to get a better and higher education so as to go higher up the value chain?

Why has the education system spat out and churned out only low-skilled citizens who love to complain and do no work of any value?

And so, here we are.

We have a bunch of politicians in government who are handing out freebies like there is no tomorrow. These guys need to collect more tax money so that they can give out more money (and, keep a lot too).

It does sound like the Malaysian government has acquired a Robin Hood complexion, does it not? 

At the same time, it does seem like the Malaysian government maintains its Sheriff of Nottingham demeanour of collecting tax, does it not?

This is political and leadership schizophrenia.

Yes, this posting meanders like the Klang River. In so doing, it mimics the political and governance landscape.


Anonymous said...

Hi deminimis,

i know this is way out of topic but i happen to chanced upon an old article in NYT about JFK.

Seeing that this coming Nov 22 is the 50th anniversary of his death and how much you admired this man, i thought that you may be interested.

As much as his death is a subject of conspiracy theory, of which the truth couldn't be any more apparent to those who would search for it, his womanizing is also a subject that bothers many people who saw him as a hero to the ordinary people.

After reading this article, we must ask ourselves, is this man, who suffers from so much pain capable of womanizing?

the NTY article

Have a good day.

de minimis said...

Thank you very much, anon 12:08.

Anonymous said...

No need for thanks. Just paying a little tribute & heart-felt respect to a brave soul and a great hero of the ordinary people.

Here is another article that may lay his death to rest. As long as people believe in lies or are not ignorant of the real situation of this world, the universe will not be kind to humanity.

The Verdict

Have a good weekend.