Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UK Riots: Crowdcrime

The spark may have been an unfortunate shooting incident involving the Police in Tottenham. But nothing, nothing can excuse the outbreak of lawlessness in London and other cities in England.

It's not about poverty or lack of opportunities. I just heard on the BBC that the first culprit that was brought before a Magistrate was a teaching assistant!

No, the outbreak is about the phenomenon of what I will term, "safety in numbers". Aided by modern mobile communications and social media, hundreds of energetic youth have been executing the criminal equivalent of "flash mobs", or rather, flashmobs gone awry - I call it "Crowdcrime".

There must have been a realisation in the wake of the initial Tottenham riot that where the number of participants exceeded, say, 50 to 100, the law enforcement adopts a playbook stance that plays right into the hands of the hooligans.

I was flabbergasted when I watched a BBC clip showing 3 pairs of policemen in riot gear (carrying "Captain America" type round shields instead of the head-to-toe height shields that the Malaysian FRU carry) approaching the hooligans tentatively. Needless to say, the hooligans won that round.

I am amazed that in the wake of the London bus bombing some 6 years ago, the law enforcement strategies in the UK is still so inept.

As a matter of interest, I recall a remark made by a Queen's Counsel with whom I was having a beer. The QC was in KL to deliver a paper at a symposium. He marvelled at how much effort us Malaysians put into these symposiums - with the banging of the gong - music - fanfare - I digress.

The QC was musing about how soft the UK Government was about many matters.

This round of random riots throughout the length and breadth of England is confirmation that, not just in the UK, but also places like Norway and throughout the West - a serious review of where Western notions of law enforcement and the rights of criminal suspects need to be made.

There is a need for law enforcement to ensure that we can have quiet enjoyment of our lives.

Anyone that crosses the line drawn by the Law must be brought to book.

In an exigent event such as a riot or acts of hooliganism, law enforcement officials must be allowed to inflict pain - in the form of tear gas, water cannons and, yes, even rubber bullets.

And, I should also suggest that the police use paint guns - oil-based or permanent dye not water-soluble -  to mark the culprits so that after the event, the police can conduct house-to-house searches. Or, conscientious parents and friends can report these "stigmatised" persons.

Worried about innocent bystanders being shot with paint? Don't be. I would not want to be present where a riot was happening. Would you? So, if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time your instinct would have been to run or walk away. If you have stayed as a busybody and got shot with paint, then, you've got some explaining to do. That's all.

If anyone feels that this view is extreme, just ask that poor chap whose 100-year old furniture store in  Croydon was burnt to cinders.

The UK riots are not about any socio-economic or socio-political matters.

The UK riots are a terrible new phenomenon - Crowdcrime.


mekyam said...

spot on, CT!

permish to post link on my fb wall, yah?

Anonymous said...

Bro, you watch the BBC news? hehe

What's happening is symptomatic of 2 things: 1. TPTB playing the Hegelian Dialetic to bring about greater control of personal freedom and the sheeples play right into their hands. 2. How is the disappearing middle-class mass going to "have quiet enjoyment of (their) lives" when they have hefty college loans to repay, no jobs, ever increasing prices and no future whatsoever?

This 'problem' is not localised to London alone. It's a worldwide phenomenon where the cabal is doing all they can to invoke desperate and further control of humanity to bring about their One World Order while they are being exposed of their dark schemes and collapsing power grid.

On the other side of the spectrum, there's an increase in vibration in the universe with the emergence of a new age and the approachment of a few celestial bodies. The sheeples are awakening and they are telling TPTB enough is enough! And like Gerald Celente would say: When they lose it and there's nothing more to lose, they lose!

I am amazed the Americans citizenry are still so quiet and well-behaved when everything their fore-fathers have fought for are slowly but surely being pulled from under their feet.

At home we are no better. It's the playing out of a larger agenda of TPTB that aims to cull 2/3 of the world's population with tainted medicine and vaccines, GMO food etc; create 2 classes of people (rulers and slaves minus any middleclass); and micro-chip the remaining populace for ultimate control where policemen and soldiers will be unnecessary!

The micro-chip they will tell you is good for keeping records of your health condition and the necessary 'medicines' to prescribe when your life is at stake. Sounds good right? What about this. The micro-chip is for tracking you like a dog, used as credits for all transactions where cash will be absolute and can be turned on or off to keep you compliant and if all else fails the chip will transmit a high frequency to fry you or take you out completely!

Awake, bro. There's more to what is happening around us that meet our eyes.

- A Malaysian -

de minimis said...

Hi mekyam

That's flattering. I'd be honoured to be mentioned in your fb. Go for it!

de minimis said...

Bro A Malaysian

Interesting thoughts.