Tuesday, August 16, 2011

(Updated) DPM: Teaching of Maths, Science in BM and English still under study

As always, I get a stir of positive energy when I hear the probable possibility of a reasonable likelihood of an inclination towards a circumspect consideration of the maintenance of the use of the English language as a medium of instruction in the subjects of Science and Mathematics.

So desperate am I that I am prepared to sacrifice the teaching of the English language in English. I am prepared to concede that the subject of English language can be taught in a non-English language if the teaching of Mathematics and Science can be taught in the English language.

In a nutshell, I am encouraged by this reported statement in The Star.

And, while we're on this subject please visit the PAGE website. PAGE is the acronym for the Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia.

PAGE is a group of concerned and responsible Malaysian parents who are trying to get the attention of the Government, Parliamentarians, other NGOs and, just about anyone who is prepared to listen, lend an ear, lend a hand or, lend anything - to support the basic proposition that parents and schools should be given a choice over whether the teaching of Science and Mathematics should be taught in the English language.

I just read this at the Malaysian Insider-

Page accuses Putrajaya of ‘buying time’, wants English-language option restored

The Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia (Page) wants Putrajaya to restore ‘teaching science and maths in English’ option before it kicks off a new policy next year.
Its vice-chairman, Sulaiman Mahran, ticked off Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for saying the Education Ministry will study further the possibility of using two languages to teach the two subjects in national schools, as reported by state news agency Bernama yesterday.
“It’s only buying time until 2012 when the MBMMBI will be fully implemented,” Sulaiman said in a statement, referring to the “Upholding the Malay Language and Strengthening Command of English” policy that is to take over the existing language policy for science and maths (PPSMI).
The English-language lobbyist pointed out that the long-term advantages of English had been identified during the Mahathir administration but that its implementation was miscarried during the Abdullah administration.
“Datuk Seri Najib’s administration should repair its implementation, not dismantle it,
“What should be studied deeper is MBMMBI, which is clearly defective because it reduces the students’ exposure to English by 50 per cent,” Sulaiman said.
Prior to the Sarawak polls on April 16, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had also announced he would consider using dual languages as the medium of instruction for Mathematics and Science in schools.
PPSMI was first introduced in 2003 but the Education Ministry decided last year to stop it by 2012 after consulting with teachers and parents around the country.
In the uproar that followed after PPSMI was abolished, Putrajaya introduced MBMMBI, which will see the teaching of Mathematics and Science revert to Bahasa Malaysia from 2012 while more contact hours for English would be offered in order to improve students’ skills in the language.
In May The Malaysian Insider reported that the Najib administration had not decided on switching back to English for Science and Mathematics (PPSMI) because several Cabinet ministers felt any change would be another embarrassing flip-flop.
The Education Ministry has also announced it would hire 10,000 teachers to teach English in local schools.
Najib has also got a promise from the United States to send Peace Corps volunteers to teach the language in the country.


walla said...

An exceptionally polished opening line.

Muhyiddin is foot-dragging. How can such a character ever be a MOE let alone a PM?

Meanwhile, what are the rakyat to do? You can't be waiting until that cow comes home while your children trudge back looking like plastic bottles.

You have got to start doing things as a real parent. Create your own education system for your children. The world is not going to wait for racists and cowards to come to their senses:

(a) exercise maximum tax avoidance and use the money saved to pay for special english classes for the children; tax evasion is illegal but tax avoidance is legal;

(b) when comes the general elections, vote for the Opposition; when marking x in the appropriate box, say aloud for effects, "up yours, Muh."

(c) cultivate good reading habits; take the young to libraries and bookshops; teach them how to select the better stuff, including material which can rekindle their interest in the world around them, especially those parts outside this country; that will open their eyes on the real potential for personal development beyond the low-IQ stuff officially peddled at high cost and troublesome waffle paid by you;

(d) beef up their courage that once they learn how to use a word correctly the first time, it is theirs....forever;

(e) teach them how to parse a sentence down into parts and then use the parts on their own to create another sentence.

I am not interested in just english for maths and science.

I am interested in english for everything else as well.

If a man doesn't know what he knows until he knows what he doesn't know, then how can the future generations know what they don't know in order to know what they know unless they can read and understand what's out there across all lines of divide?


This is our situation:

"We don't have an amalgam of abilities led tenaciously by contextual intelligence with a pragmatic global spread."

bh toh said...

Thank You.

You've always been supportive of this issue.

The MSM has been blocking many of the letters that were written by readers.

Bloggers like yourself would help publicise the cause thus pressuring the govt further.

Thank You!

de minimis said...

bro walla, ;D

bh toh, I'm always happy to oblige. PAGE is doing sterling work for the "Silent Majority" of parents. My regards to Datin Nor Azimah and everyone in the PAGE team.

walla said...

Saw this and posting here - Page should run with it since it obviously shows the MOE has other intentions; MOE is using education for racial elitism and leaving the silent majority to perish:

ref: http://is.gd/hHxYMP

" Cambridge syllabus: Why only in 45 Mara colleges?
August 15, 2011


From Sarojini C, via e-mail

The article ‘Cambridge curriculum at Mara colleges’ in the ‘In Brief’ section of the NST on Sunday spoke about the offering of the Cambridge International General Certificate of Education in 45 Mara Junior Science Colleges nationwide by 2016.

As it is one of the most recognised qualifications in the world, I, as a fellow citizen of Malaysia, am thrilled at the prospect of such world-class education, but at the same time cannot help but wonder why such syllabus cannot be offered to government schools as well, as this appears to suggest a double standard in our education syllabus.

I understand that there may be a lack of resources to implement such syllabus on a national basis, and more time may be required for such a big move, but at a time where national schools are bickering over the usage of English in the teaching of the Math and Science subjects, such a move to implement the Cambridge syllabus, which I assume will be fully in the English medium.

Why only in the 45 Mara Junior Science Colleges? It his seems to suggest that there would be inequality in the education offered in such Mara colleges and national schools. As education is a basic right for every child, be it a child in a Mara college or a child in a national school, it would only be fair if the same syllabus is applied in both Mara colleges and national schools alike, be it the Cambridge syllabus or the current syllabus.

If as suggested earlier, resources are an issue, then the implementation of such Cambridge syllabus would be best if postponed until sufficient resources has been obtained to implement the said Cambridge syllabus on a national basis as well.

Alternatively, instead of offering the Cambridge syllabus only in 45 Mara colleges, why not divide the number and implement such syllabus half in Mara colleges and half in national schools, so students both in Mara colleges and in national schools have an equal opportunity to benefit from such Cambridge syllabus.

We citizens would feel that our tax monies are being put to good use with all children having equal access to the Cambridge syllabus.

Being in the education line for 32 years, I’m not able to see why this Cambridge syllabus is only being offered in Mara colleges first.

Would appreciate it if someone could please enlighten me as to why this is so? "

CPL said...

The pioneer batch of PPSMI will be taking their PMR in two months time and will be in form four in January 2012. And Education Minister says still studying

How about this from yesterday's NST


walla said...

Dua puluh saat: