Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How I will cast my vote - PAGE + PPSMI

The issue of reverting the medium of instruction of the Science and Mathematics subjects in Malaysian schools from the English language to Bahasa Malaysia still burns in the depths of my soul.

After I read this report in the Malaysian Insider, I have resolved to cast my vote in favour of the political party that supports the maintenance of English as the medium of instruction for Science and Mathematics.

All the bullshit politics make no sense to me.

But, the issue of educating Malaysians to the greatest advantage possible and, to equip young Malaysians to compete at the global level makes eminent sense to me.

I have seen how my children benefited from PPSMI since it was implemented in 2003.

Two of my children are still in school at Form Two and Form 4.

I don't care what any politician, political party, NGO or any publicity-seeking hound says anymore.

I support PAGE's stand.

The Malaysian Government should stick to the maintenance of English as the medium of instruction for Science and Mathematics.

Stay the course.

And, I will support the political party that supports the maintenance of English as the medium of instruction for Science and Mathematics.

It will be that simple to get my vote.


walla said...

I would go one more step. One understands our ministers and bigwigs send their children to the Garden International School instead of our national schools. That being the case and considering their superior wisdom, good judgement of real standards and caring attitude as true leaders of the commoners, let's instead have that school's system to completely replace that of our national schools.

Can or not? If not enough teachers with the right language, buy, outsource, whatever. Save some money thrown going overseas to discuss with other low-rung countries on how to develop education in the young. What's there to benefit from the discussions when they are facing the same problems which make them low-rung in the first place?

BH Toh said...

I fully support you on this. I'm a father to a Std 3 boy and have personally been working closely with PAGE for the past 1 yr.

Publicity from popular bloggers like you will help PAGE vary much.

FMT and TMI have few articles over the past two days.

May I suggest you get your blogger buddies to continuously write on this issue over the next few days/weeks to keep the publicity going.


ewoon said...


100% behind you on this.

It's sad to see the politicians only have their own interest at heart while the rest can be dumbed down for all they care.

Also, this way these selfish politicians can continue to be seen championing their constituents cause and continue to lord over them. The people deserve the politicians they get. They just cannot see past their noses and consign their children's future into the backyard of the marginalised!