Sunday, January 2, 2011

Constitution of the State of Selangor

I have attached above the url link to the Constitution of the State of Selangor.

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This time is a good opportunity to understand the importance of constitutions.

There are many explicit provisions and procedures in constitutions.

At the same time, there are many practices or conventions that have been taken for granted or overlooked.
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This is as good a time as any to flick the dust of the Constitution of the State of Selangor and look at it with an objective and unbiased mind.

Nor should politics and partisanship dilute the executive powers vested in the Menteri Besar of Selangor.

What is the proper procedure for the appointment of the State Secretary of Selangor?

Who initiates the process of appointment of the State Secretary of Selangor?

Does the Menteri Besar of Selangor have any constitutional role to play in the appointment of the State Secretary of Selangor?

In these inquiries, let the Rule of Law be our guiding principle.

And, let not politics and partisanship affect the dignity and standing of DYMM Sultan Selangor.

Allah lanjutkan usia Tuanku.
-extracted from the State Anthem of Selangor-


Anonymous said...

The most important articles are Art.5,52, 53 and 55.

Art.5 creates the office of Sultan, Art.52 the office of SS, SLA,SFA and Art.53 the Exco. Art 55 provides that the Sultan is to act on advice; He shall accept and act on that advice.

So without the constitution, none of the above office existed. By the constitution, Selangor agreed to join the Federation. But that does not mean that the Fed Gov't can do whatever it pleases in Selangor. It is obvious that the office of SS created u/d Art.52 is a State post. As such in the posting of Federal officers to the State's post, the State must consent to it. Consent means the name of the Federal officer must first be submitted to the MB who would advise the Sultan accordingly whether to accept or to consent with the appointment.

It is pretty obvious, failure to submit the name of any Federal officer to occupy a State's post to the State gov't is in contravention of the Constitution. In Kushrin's case, the Fed Gov't got the consent of the Sultan. The question is; who advise the Sultan to consent to such appointment. Is it the MB or Najib or KSN? If the Sultan acted on the advice of person other than the MB, the Sultan's consent is null and void.

lan said...

hey thanks for sharing!
great point by annon