Saturday, July 3, 2010

Turning a new PAGE: Engaging Perkasa?

The Parents Action Group for Education, better known by its acronym PAGE, has now been officially registered as a society.

PAGE has a website here and a blog here.

I attended PAGE's soft launch this morning and signed up as a member.

There's some coverage by the Malaysian Insider on the event and news that PAGE has had a fruitful engagement with the Malay rights group Perkasa to garner support for PPSMI here. Talk about strange bedfellows!

I guess only Dr M can get different groups of Malaysians with seemingly different proclivities to get engaged and go to bed together, in a manner of speaking.

Well, as long as the romp is productive, one has to be circumspect, I guess.

The issue of maintaining the teaching of Science and Mathematics in the English language is a serious one, though. And, as I said above, PAGE is leaving no stone unturned to garner maximum support for the cause.

Politicians are all about votes. To get Muhiyiddin to reverse the decision to scrap PPSMI, PAGE needs to have a large number of members and supporters. Politicians fear and respect large numbers of angry voters. And, beware of angry parents.

I do urge you to sign up as a member. Put the fear into these politicians about the issue of abolishing PPSMI.

The Application Form can be printed out here.

Membership fees are only RM20-00 and information on the payment of the membership fees and contributions can be found here.

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