Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sports betting

I am astounded by how inept this whole matter of granting a sports betting licence has been handled by both the issuing authority and the recipient.

From the speed at which the approval (or approval-in-principle or grant or bequest or conditional approval or whatever it will be called) was given to the bravado and in-your-face machismo displayed by the recipient, it has all the characteristics of a fiasco from the get-go.

What a joke.

So, what we have is this. Imagine it being sung by the relevant persons:

This one will never sell,
they'll never understand,
I don't even sing it well,
I try, but I just can't.
-Barry Manilow: This One's For You-

1 comment:

donplaypuks® said...

If Rosemajib loses Vincent Tan, he just lost GE 2013!!

And that 80% approval rating (not awarded yet)? Pure hogwash!!

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