Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Kesh-strapped" & "He's a shark"

Two news items made the amateur journo in me get very excited. I thought the excellent albeit glib headlines should have been:



donplaypuks® said...

Well, Cashswindler Singh deserves to be hung by his goolies!!

As for Kenmark and Ishak Ismail, I was thinking about how to blog on it and take the SC to task for being laggard in an what looks like an obvious case of insider trading/ market manipulation / profiteering, when thankfully I read your blog.

And Isha's track record speaks volumes for itself!!

For once, the SC has acted fairly swiftly before a crook had flown away with the spoils.

I mean how could Ishak have negotiated buying a 30% stake from what appears to be fraudulent Kenmark's controlling shareholders withuout making an immediate announcement? And then flip it for a profit while talking about re-employing all the staff? What kind of humans are these?

It looks like the Taiwanese shareholders may have absconded with the money Ishak paid them, though the picture is a little murky!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Mat Cendana said...

Talking about Kesh and the original cash matter, here's a really serious Kesh-flow problem! Keshvinder Singh Left in `Crocodile' Underwear After DAP Sues!