Friday, October 9, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat to register as a coalition

This is one of the best pieces of news that I've heard from the Pakatan Rakyat for some time. By having PKR, PAS and DAP register as a coalition party called Pakatan Rakyat, this motley crew is signalling a sense of deeper purpose than is evident hitherto. from here.

Many Malaysians who had contributed to and, ridden the euphoric waves, post-March 8, 2008 have become jaded by the dysfunctional amalgamation that Pakatan Rakyat is. Even wiser heads within the Pakatan pantheon has become exasperated by the cross-purposes at which issues are dealt with.

So, the formalisation of the Pakatan Rakyat as a coalition is a positive sign. It may not quell the raucousness within the nascent coalition. But, it should go a long way to temper the process in which differing views can be managed and moderated.

For neutrals, the formation of a new coalition augurs well for the orderly democratic transformation that Malaysia's constitutional evolutionary journey is taking us all on. It also signals the greater likelihood of a more stable 2-party system that so typifies advanced economies.


K L said...

would be interesting to see the symbol/logo of the coalition! A combination of the three symbols/logo ?

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Pakatan resgisters itself as a coalition party, it is Pakatan's performaance, its policies and its ability to achieve its multi faceted political objectives that will determine whether or not it will survive past the next general elections.

Thus far one has to conclude the jury is still out as far as Pakatan's policies, its capacity and capabilities as an alternative government are concerned.

Gopal Raj Kumar