Saturday, October 3, 2009

Made in U.S.A. - Coconut water as a health and sports drink

How's this for innovative thinking and marketing? There's a wonderful U.S. company that has taken a drink that Malaysians have enjoyed, like, forever...COCONUT WATER... and, has packaged it as a health and sports drink.

Many of us are aware that coconut water has amazing properties. We know it to be a "cooling drink" when we feel "heaty" which may be translated as a re-hydrating drink. So, dengue patients have been advised to either drink isotonic drinks such as 100-Plus OR coconut water.

In Malaysia, coconut water is widely sold in its natural a coconut! Or, sold in generic plastic bags and bottles.

But, if the coconut and the coconut tree is the proverbial lembu here, look at the American sapi below. Pandainya... As they say, it's all in the packaging.

Original packaging... from here.

American packaging.... from here.

Click here to read more about the U.S. company that sells coconut water and learn from its great product positioning and marketing strategy. Now, this is the type of thinking that Malaysians need to acquire.


kluangman said...

Terima kasih dan tahniah atas info yang begitu menarik, saya akan buat kajian seterusnsya.

Kalau ada sesiapa yang pernah membelinya, harap dapat maklumkan di mana ia mudah didapatkan di Malaysia..

de minimis said...

bro kluangman

Mereka tidak berhasrat jual produk ini di Malaysia pada masa ini. Cuma di Amerika Syarikat. Produk ini boleh dipesan melalui Internet dari website ZICO.

Saya rasa perkara yang rumit sekali ialah proses dalam mana air kelapa dapat dipindahkan daripada buah kelapa kepada pekej Tetrapak. Setahu kita air kelapa tidak tahan lama selepas dikeluarkan daripada buah kelapa. Perkara inilah yang penting sekali.

walla said...

Meticulous selection of the two photos from two different sources; the color of the table in the first and the packaging in the second is similar.

Useful literature for those going into it:
page 6 last three lines in

chapchai said...

There you are, why bother with a Malaysian-made Formula 1 Team when we haven't got the local expertise. Why not invest in the export of coconut water when we have an abundance of coconuts?

msleepyhead said...

Thanks for sharing.

Guess necessity or capitalism is truly the mother of invention.

The tropical regions where coconuts can be found in abundance have no need for packaged ones when we can have it day or night fresh, straight from the fruit.

Why America will continue to lead in technological prowess: